How Local Florists Prepare for a Cupid’s day?

When Valentine’s day is approaching, someone else is also excited besides the couples. Guess who? The florists! Florists are also the people who are most excited and eagerly waiting for the Cupid day. The reason for this is that their flowers sales increase up to 100% in those days. It is because of the increase in the number of buyers in those days and also, a lot of florists also raise up the price of flowers in the Cupid day. That is why the Cupid day is a very important day for a florist. Florists make special planning and selling time table for the day. They start having the bulk purchase from the local flower sellers, farmers, and garden owners. They also start making separate flower bouquets, arranging giant centerpieces, and small vases as well. There is also a need to create proper supplies, watch out the volume of each bouquet, and a systematic approach because there is a chance of a bulk sale. Keeping in view the giant sale of the day, we have created a list of factors that all the florists consider when the Cupid day is on its way. Give it a read:


What is sold and what is not:

When the florists are having such a giant plan ready, it is necessary for them to know what is going to be marketed well and what is just non-profit and in a vain attempt. There are some flowers that have good sales on the Cupid day. For example, Roses, are the most purchased items on the Cupid day. So, they can be found everywhere in flower shops. Their high demand also increases the supply and demand curve so their prices go up a little bit. This is a good chance for a florist to have a great sale and make a good profit. Also, some other Vday Flowers like orchids, hydrangeas, and other cute entities can also find their way into the scenario and earn them a great profit. For having an even better experience as a seller, florists are always aware of ongoing trends and what people want. Also, they have good contact with people of the same profession i.e., fellow florists so they can be aware of all the things happening in the market. Communication is a must for them!


How to sale:

Cupid day is only one day as clear from its name, so it is not staying for too long. So, florists have to be fast and efficient in the implementation of your plans. Firstly, they make a proper time table and are aware of their whole week’s situations. Also, they schedule the time when to work and keep track of where the density of buyers is high. And their own schedule is in accordance with the density in order to get the benefit of it. Mostly the buyer density is high in the evening and before midnight. This is the same as a prime time for the florists to sell. So, their business stays open during these hours. Also, the morning is sometimes the dense time as well.


How to attract customers:

Most of the local people are not wealthy and rely on less costly stuff. A florist is obviously aware of the fact. So, to attract as many people as possible, they make bouquets keeping in view of the financial situation of the person and creating it within a specific budget minimizing the price as less as possible. In return, the manufacturing cost should also be lowered without minimizing the quality, so what they do is that they use local flowers that are not very expensive or rare and make bouquets out of them which supports the budget. In this manner, not only the customers are happy and satisfied but also local farmers find a good income as well. Also, the local flowers and products tend to have a great market value and as there are a lot of foreigners there as well, so local products are beautifully represented and sold out. This raises the country’s economy and a good factor in GDP and attracts tourists even more.

There are a lot of people that can’t afford the flowers but there are definitely some people that have money and want to buy expensive flowers that are finely made. This is why florists do have a custom-made option for the people like that. Most of the time it includes imported and expensive flowers from all around the world. Also, the bouquet is created in a very careful manner and with very expensive items for the bouquet. No matter what, quality should never be compromised whether it is a $5000 order by the richest person of the city or a $5 pocket rose for local people. Quality is the key!


The creation of bouquet:

After a lot of shopping in bulk from local gardeners or receiving the imported package the morning flight, there comes a common step. How to arrange these flowers so that their beauty can be maximized. How the bouquet should be created. Valentine’s day is all about love and compassion, so almost all the florists go with a red color scheme. Mostly the used flowers are also red and among all the flowers, red roses are preferable. The choice of bouquet, centerpieces, or vases depends on the person purchasing it. Sometimes it is the ancient and antique art while some nights prefer a more casual and minimalistic theme. Modern and grey/white theme is also not out of the scene and make up a major part of the choices for florists. Some people even go with an extremely red theme showing they’re at peak emotions with a bold choice. So, there are as many themes as there are people in the world. So, florists are always ready to entertain the customer according to their choice and visualization.

So, these are our evaluations about the factors that are always considered by the florists during the “Good Sale” days. Hope you enjoyed the article.