How to Plan a Flower Delivery on Special Occasions?

Flowers really make a special occasion even more special. Flowers give a certain feeling of being loved and a unique aura of joy and celebration that is why it is often given in special events. Normally, you would get flowers from a flower shop nearby or maybe go to a supermarket where they often sell pre-arranged bouquets and arrangements. However, as times go by, more and more innovations come in to make flower shopping a lot easier and faster. Flower deliveries have been a great additional service done by flower shops to make their customers order more often. Some flower shops have adapted technology to make their products fully accessible in mobile phones and computers. Websites and mobile apps of flower shops have emerged like grass – making it a lot faster to get a bouquet delivered in no time.

If there is a special event coming, it is important to plan it all out and make sure that all the details needed are ready. Since flowers are a beautiful addition to special occasions, you must plan ahead of time on which arrangement to choose, how it will be delivered, and the costing and look of the bouquet as well. if you want to order rare flowers, planning it out and booking a few weeks in advance will save you from having to choose other flower options due to availability.


Here are a few tips and reminders on how to plan out your flower delivery:

  1. Check the budget – If the special occasion is a birthday or a debut, your flower arrangement budget may be compromised especially if you have a lot of other transactions going on. Check your expense list on how much you must spend on the flower arrangement and identify which bouquet will fit this budget. Flowers are not really cheap especially in cities that is why planning ahead of time the budget and the arrangement that will fit it is a great idea. You may also ask your flower shop if they accept installments or twice paid arrangements to support your payment.
  2. Know when and where you will order – Flower shops are literally everywhere. Some cities and locations even have a few different stores to choose from. You must plan when and where you want to order so you will not have to worry about forgetting it anymore. If the special occasion is months ahead, you may contact your preferred flower shop at least two weeks ahead so they can adjust to different specifications or even kinds of flowers of your liking. Choosing a flower shop really depends on preference or if they were suggested by a friend or a relative. If they have a website, it is a great idea to take a look on each store on what they can offer. Once you find a good one, go ahead and give them a call or order through the website. Once you get through all of this, you will surely never forget about making this special occasion more special.
  3. Be specific on what you want – The advantage of ordering ahead of time and planning out your flower delivery is that you may be very specific with your order. You may think of different cool ideas to make the arrangement a lot more unique and beautiful. You can search ideas online and use it as a reference to your arrangement. Being specific on the bouquet you will order is not a problem at all. Surely, your florist will welcome all of these requests since you have ordered ahead of time. You can also browse through their catalogue to check which arrangement will suit the special occasion.
  4. Confirm your order a day ahead – Confirming your order to make sure that the florist is still aware of your order is a great practice. Since you ordered a few weeks ahead, your order might get lost through all of their other orders – a human error you would never want to happen on the big day. to avoid this from happening, calling the flower shop one day before the event will not hurt at all. Just remind them of your order and if the delivery will happen as scheduled and planned. If you also have any additional reminders when it comes to address and where the delivery guy must park or arrive in, this is also the perfect time to let the flower shop know about it.
  5. Keep the contact details of the flower shop if you liked their service – Of course, once a special event finishes, there will be a lot more to come. If you loved the service given by the flower shop you chose, keeping their contact details for future transactions is a great way to save time and keep in touch with the florist if you happen to need their services once again. If you are a frequent customer, you can also request discounts and perks on your next purchases. Consider your florist as a friend and you will always make your special occasions sparkle even more.

Flowers are not only beautiful in their own nature, but they also uphold a sense of love and gratitude that any receiver will feel a hundred percent. Planning out your flower delivery may seem like someone is really handful but if it costs the happiness of the celebrant, then by all means go ahead. Sometimes, it is even the simplest efforts like these that make the arrangement a lot more meaningful. As they say, it is the thought and effort that counts.

By the next time a special occasion is coming up, go ahead and follow the tips we gave above, and you will surely not miss anything when you purchase a flower arrangement. Ordering ahead of time is a great tip to map out your budget and make sure that the availability of the flower is best achieved. Happy ordering!