How to Personalize the Condolence Flowers for Funeral?

Funeral or condolence flowers are most likely sent to the family of a deceased family in order to show them that they are not and your support and prayers are with them during this tough time.

As it is well known that flowers are symbolized as love and also hope which the family needs the most in order to move on in their lives no matter that their loved one has left the world and they will not be able to see them for the rest of their lives.

For a bereaved family it is always so relaxing and soothing to receive these beautiful and fresh flowers that make them realize and assure them that the fallen would never be forgotten.

So keeping in mind the importance of these condolence flowers it is better and also suggested to send these flowers as early as possible so that the guest in the funeral would realize that how much the departed person is missed by the people who love and care.

Floral companies offer funeral flower services

There are a lot of floral companies who offer various floral arrangements that are best for burials and funerals. Along with that you can also order some personalized condolence flowers that will truly depict the personality of the deceased person.

Why you should personalize funeral flowers?

Personalizing funeral flowers is a great way of telling people that the dead person was loved and respected.  By personalizing funeral flowers you will not only pay tribute to the dead person but also the grieving family will appreciate your efforts and the entire though process behind the flowers. These flowers will also help to recall the life of the dead person on Earth.

The good news is most of the companies will not over charge you and for good price you will be able to get these personalize funeral flowers.

All you have to do us allow your imagination go wild and find the most suitable and appropriate floral arrangements that will make the dead person proud of having a dedicated and loving friend like you.

How to personalize funeral flowers?

Personalized condolence or funeral flowers come in different shapes and size and also these flowers can reflect the interests, hobbies or passion of the person who just left the world.  Personalizing the funeral flowers is also a way to give tribute the deceased person and it can be done in various ways.

One of the most common options to do that is to incorporate the personal belongings of the person into beautiful floral arrangements or you can make customized funeral options.

These personalized flowers can include

  • A beloved or favorite pet of the deceased
  • A sports logo
  • Some musical instrument
  • Favorite food of the person
  • Sports team logo
  • Any hobby of the person like sewing, gardening etc

Other ways of customizing funeral flowers:

Other way of personalizing the funeral flowers includes the symbol of the most favorite group or any organization like Lions Club, Shriners international etc. These types of groups and professional societies are best memorials because they are true depiction of the person’s dedication, service and also friendship.

Apart from these you can also add a more personal touch to these funeral flowers by adding picture of the deceased person in the middle of the design. Although it is rarely used method of personalizing condolence flowers but it is also used on such occasions.

Be careful while choosing flowers!

While choosing condolence flowers one must be very careful because not every flower is suitable and it is also not ok to go for these funeral flowers when the family of the deceased person requests to make donations instead of these flowers.

Although flowers are integral part of funerals in most religions and cultures but it is also worth remembering here that some of the religions do not prefer flowers on such occasions like Jews and Muslims.

Which flowers are perfect for funeral?

There are no particular flower shapes or colors which are specifically sent at funerals to the bereaved family. But having said that certain flowers like lilies, roses, gladioli and carnations are some of the most loved and preferred flowers on such occasions.

If the dead person used to love gardening or some specific type of flower then it is always best and sensible idea to include them in the floral arrangement so that it will give some kind of relief to the family.

Condolence flowers come in various size and shapes and if you want to personalize them according the personality of the dead person then there is no doubt that such arrangements will need you to spend more money.

Apart from the flowers the florist of the specific company will have to design specific frame that will meet your specifications. As the order that you will place will be unique so they cannot use structures of their own available products.

Traditional funeral floral arrangements

Some of the most common traditional funeral flower arrangements are given below

  • Wreaths: Wreaths are basically round or circular flower arrangements which symbolize eternal life or the life after death.
  • Sprays: In this floral arrangement viewing from only one side is allowed.
  • Casket Sprays: These are arranged by the immediate family of the deceased person and sit on the top of the casket.
  • Internal pieces: These are the stuff that is kept inside the casket like small floral sprays.

Sending funeral flowers is a best way to show sympathy and also to ensure the bereaved family that you are with them in this difficult time. And when you personalize the flowers it shows that how much care and thought you put behind the entire process.

One must be very careful while designing the floral arrangements because not all the flowers are suitable for funeral so you must consult your florist before making one or ask the florist to personalize one for you.