Picking the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Beloved  

There has been an indelible relation between flowers and us where a bunch of flowers has been used to express so many diverse emotions. Just like all the other occasions, flowers have been an indispensable part of the Valentine week that starts in February. Couples celebrate every day of the week in different ways and walk that extra mile to feel their loved ones special.

Valentines and flowers

The exchange of flowers holds a special position amongst all the rituals that couples follow during valentines. A bunch of flowers is the best token of love and there is no strict way of using that. There is no special day dedicated to flowers in the Valentine week yet they can be given every day to compliment the other gifts.

Flowers are the most popular choice of people for gifting on Valentine’s Day. You can never go wrong with flowers and especially if you pick the ones with the right meaning. Yes, not just the traditional roses, but many other flowers have become popular for exchanging on Valentine and they are given to convey a specific emotion attached to them.

Whatever emotion you hold for a person, there is a flower to express that message. It’s a great idea to get a bouquet of these flowers attached with a sweet message and some favorite sweets of the recipient. You must also consider the likes of the recipient and that will help you sort out your choice better.

Different flowers to give for Valentine’s Day

For someone as important as your beloved, you wouldn’t want anything less than the best to show her that your love for her is only growing stronger. A thing as simple as a bouquet can make all it even more exciting as women love to receive flowers. Let’s see what all flowers can you choose from and what are their meanings so that you give the right flower to convey the right emotions.


It would have been unfair to give any other position than first to red roses as they have always symbolized love and passion and been the favorite Valentine flower. A unique thing about roses is that the number of them in a bouquet as well as the color signifies different meanings.

  • Red roses in a set of 12, 24, 36, and 99 imply the increasing intensity of love
  • Mixes or garden roses imply you care for the diversity and sensibility of the recipient
  • Pink roses express gentle emotions like admiration, elegance, joy, etc
  • Orange roses signify passion and intense energy
  • Lavender roses signify love at first sight


These are the flowers to express the desire of seeking friendship with someone. The bond of friendship is one of the strongest one and to be friends with someone whom you love is sure to make the relationship everlasting. Next most popular after rose, the red chrysanthemums can be used to express the same emotions of pure adoration to the lover.

Gerbera Daisies

If you want to give the best and a very romantic beginning to your love story then these are the flowers to choose. These flowers are the fifth most popular ones when it comes to exchange. They are the epitomes of innocence and cheerfulness and thus are the best way to begin the initial phase of pure love. You can also pick red daisies that express passionate desire.


These flowers exhibit a heavenly beauty and what else can compare well with the smile of your beloved that makes your day instantly. If you want to express the infatuation you have for someone, nothing can do that better other than a bunch of lily flowers. Moreover, 30 years spent together is a long time and a symbol of strong dedication towards each other. Lilies are a popular flower to gift on such occasions.


Theses flowers hold the meaning of admiration, fascination, and love and a bouquet of red carnations is sure to send the right message of the deep love that you have for your beloved. These flowers are also meant to be given on the first wedding anniversaries, so make note of this and don’t forget to surprise your love with these beautiful flowers.


Are you going to propose the girl whom you have been seeking since ever? Make it elegant and special with a bouquet of red tulips. In the world of flowers, Tulips are meant to be the sign of declaring that you love someone. You can also choose any other shade of tulip as there are many of them available but it would be good if you check the significance first.


This is one of the most diversely rare flowers that are available in a large number of beautiful shades. It is understood this, if you want to tell how deeply you feel for your beloved and how diverse your emotions for that one, orchids can make up to be the best gift. The rarity of the orchids tells how far you will go to make your loved one feel special.

Blue Iris

Representing hope and faith, these exquisite flowers look extremely delightful. When gifted to the loved ones, they are meant to convey the deep emotions of the sender. Cultures have taken to associate magical powers of attracting someone into love to the roots of the Iris plant. Get these flowers arranged in the bouquet and go ahead to woo your lover.


Very uncommon to see but sunflower bouquets are also great gifts for proposals. They signify brightness and you can send them to your lover to mean that you want to brighten the love life. They are the best flowers to give if you want to convey how charming your loves makes your life.

The only thing now you have to do is take cognizance of your feelings towards your beloved and pick the right flower to convey the overwhelming emotions you have which cannot be put into words.

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