Practical Reasons for Sending a Living Plant as Sympathy Gift

It is already a tradition to send living plants as a sympathy gift to the family who is mourning. Sending the gifts of plants, whether they are flowering or not, is considered the most thoughtful gesture.

For someone who is experiencing a loss, there could be no words enough to ease the pain and relieve the agony. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options at Little Flower Hut when it comes to living green and flowering plants.

For all your needs for live plant delivery to express sympathy and condolences, our flower shop in Singapore is the right place for you. Why plants? Here are some of the practical reasons for sending a living plant as a sympathy gift:

·        Plants Offer a Timeless Tribute to the Deceased Person

Here at Little Flower Hut, we understand your sentiments. We know that finding the right words can be difficult sometimes. With our collections of gorgeous living plants, you can bring light and peace to a broken soul. The elegant appearance of Peace Lily, Orchids, or Succulents says your timeless tribute and respect to the person who passed away. No matter how he or she touched your heart, you have the most expressive plant for sympathy gift at our flower shop. Call us now if you want the sympathy gift delivered within the day. We have our team of reliable couriers and riders to deliver your gifts in a few hours.

·        Plants Make a Gentle Reminder of the Deceased Person

We have the best types of green and flowering plants that you can send to the bereaved family after the burial of their lost loved one. The plants will serve as a gentle reminder of the person who passed away. The plant of Orchids is a great choice to represent a person who was stunning and inspiring in terms of beauty and elegance. For someone strong, tough, and independent, a succulent garden or dish garden can be a perfect reminder. Beautiful and colorful flowering plants in stylish pots and containers are a great representation of a person who was jolly and optimistic in life.

·        Plants Can Last for a Long While

According to the Biblical sayings, the mourning may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. The pain and grief shall subside over time, and when the pangs of loss are gone, they still have the plants. The bereaved family will get to enjoy the sympathy gift for a long while not only as a reminder of a loved one who left ahead but also of your thoughtfulness during the trying times. Moreover, sending indoor or outdoor plants to the family is more than just showing them care but offering them prayers of comfort, peace, and love, too.  Each of our plants for sympathy gifts comes with personal messages to make your gift more valuable.

·        Plants Make the Surroundings Brighter

It is probably the darkest time for the grieving family as they lose a dearest family member. With our selections of live plants, you have the options to send sympathy gifts that will make the room or living area a little brighter. The beautiful greenery and flowering plants, and the interesting shapes, texture, and colors of the leaves and blooms add stylish and decorative indoor design to their homes. As these plants soften the dark and hard edges of the room, they also bring brightness and comfort to the grieving souls.


If you are planning to send living plants as sympathy gifts, we have the largest selections at Little Flower Hut.

The Best Types of Plants for Sympathy Gift

Little Flower Hut is your place to get the best types of plants to send as sympathy gifts to the bereaved family. We can help you pick one that suits the purpose and expresses your thoughts.

·         Peace Lily

Potted Peace Lily plants are stylish and fabulous. Aside from the meaningful greenery and white blooms, this type of plant is considered air-purifying, as well. It can be a good ornamental plant for most living rooms and households.

·         Philodendron

We have different kinds of Philodendron plants at the shop, and they are a perfect sympathy gift to send to say your sentiments. The shiny leaves add a little light to a gloomy room and the tall structure makes the area more attractive.

·         Azalea

Our collections of potted Azaleas are a wonderful choice when it comes to sympathy gifts. The charming blooms, delightful color, and unique features offer a message of thoughtfulness and well wishes. Our team of florist delivery in Singapore is available to bring and deliver these Azalea plants to the family you wish to show the message of sympathy to.

·         Rose

Roses are considered as one of the expressive and impressive gifts for sympathy purposes. White Roses in beautiful bushes show honor and respect to the departed soul while the pink Roses show gratitude. Giving the bereaved family a plant of Rose is also a way to let them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers as they go through the saddest point of losing a family member.

Sending living plants to show sympathy is a thoughtful gesture. It has been practiced in different parts of the world for centuries. Whether you choose to send live green plants, colorful plants, or flowering plants, Little Flower Hut guarantees the quality of our plants and pots, as well as our fast and reliable delivery to all parts of Singapore.