The History of Mother’s Day Flower Giving

Today mother’s day is just like an annual tradition but do you that this wasn’t the case a few decades back?

In fact even today this day is considered something like a cultural concept and most of the people around the globe celebrate this day on various days of the year.

The only thing that is quite constant is the association between mother’s day and sending different floral arrangements and bouquets to your mother in order to make her feel special and loved.

But do you know that there is a lot to this day than you ever know?

So in this blog, I will tell you about the origin of mother’s day that how it all started and also how it is celebrated in various countries and what flowers should be sent to your mother on this prestigious day.

So keep reading and find out the answers!!

History of mother’s day

Spring is the season that is related to the renewal of nature. Beautiful blossoms along with gardens full of radiant flowers come to people’s minds when they hear about this season.

But along with that, another thing that is closely related to spring season is mother’s day.

The originator of mother’s day is basically Anna Jarvis who was from West Virginia and she was motherless all her life.

Anna used Carnations in order to celebrate mother’s day which was also one of the most favorite flowers of her mother and by doing so she wanted to honor her mother and all other mothers who sacrifice their whole life for their children and also for the society.

Anna’s mother inspired her to celebrate this day as she wanted to honor and also celebrate all the mothers around the world.

So when her mother passed away in 1905 she made a decision to celebrate that day and finally, she made an effort to end the bad attitude towards mothers which was quite common practice in American culture.

To honor her mother she sent almost 500 carnations to a church in West Virginia in the memory of her mother.

Her mother Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves used to love these flowers and found them as darling garden care so her daughter Anna used the same flower to honor and celebrate her life.

This idea inspired people around her and they were so impressed that they provided their full support to her and start helping her in making mother’s day an official holiday in US.

In 1914 President of United States Woodrow Wilson declared the holiday and the florists and other gardeners saw a great business chance and they finally started selling flowers specifically carnations.

But Anna Jarvis wasn’t happy with this practice and she finally stood against commercializing her mother’s favorite flowers.

In 1923 she made an attempt to break this practice by disturbing the carnations florists and sellers and then she got arrested by the police due to her illegal actions.

Mother’s day now

In today’s time sending flowers to your mother on mother’s day is a very normal and also loving practice and carnations are still one of the most preferred flowers for mother’s day. The purity and also endurance of carnations make the popular demand for this day.

Although florists and gardeners around the world cultivate different colors of carnations each year the color pink and red are still popular and high in demand.

These have different meanings associated with them. The color white represents honoring the deceased mother while the color pink is used to signify honoring a mother who is alive.

Mother’s day celebration across the globe

Each country has its own way of celebrating mother’s day so below are some of the countries and their way of celebrating this day


In Argentina, mother’s day is celebrated with dinners, special gestures of attention and also poems. Kids at school either write a letter or make cards for their mothers to take home. Mothers receive cards, flowers and also jewelry on this day.


The French community first celebrated mother’s day on 1918. After that, this day was celebrated with full zeal each year but today it is celebrated with a bouquet of flowers along with cake and other gifts like perfumes and cards.


The celebration of mother’s day in Mexico starts with a song to honor all the mothers in the country. This is then followed by brunch or in some cases with family breakfasts.

Some Mexicans like to give their mothers chocolates, floral bouquets and cards with an emotional message on it.


In India, mothers receive prepared food, flowers, cards or if their kids cannot send card they will just make a phone call and appreciate their efforts for them.

Apart from this Hindus also celebrate this day with a religious ritual that is called durga puja and through this ritual the Hindus praise their divine mother.

Families come together and they cook food and also gift flowers to friends and family.


Canada is considered as the first country to pick up America’s version of the mother’s day celebration. But the unique thing about Canadian celebration is they also like to do all the house chores on this day for their mother.


In Denmark, all the family members like to dine out with their mother and the mother is gifted with flowers and other stuff.

Mother’s day is a day of appreciating and celebrating your mother so if your mother is alive don’t forget to show her some love with beautiful flowers and other meaningful gifts