Tips To Send Flowers Oversea from Singapore

In today’s age, sending flowers to your beloved ones overseas from the comfort of your home isn’t a tough job, either. There is no better way than sending flowers to express your gratefulness to someone irrespective of they’re staying near you or abroad. Whether they’re celebrating something like Mothers’ Day or any other event, they will sincerely appreciate your efforts.

For those looking to send flowers abroad to your beloved ones, either you can send them through an international florist delivery service or choose a local florist at the recipient’s place. No matter how you like to send, sending flowers is the easiest thing to do today.

There might be numerous reasons why you would want to send flowers internationally. If you are looking to figure out the ways of doing it, check the following:


Ordering through the local florist of the recipient:

Perhaps sending flower arrangements to your beloved one through to his/her local florist is one of the easiest ways of doing it. If you don’t have any idea about the location of whom you are sending flowers, check-in Google to find out any info regarding the local florist close to the area where flowers are to be delivered. You can even pick a massive chain flower company to ensure the flowers are delivered to your desired location.

Nonetheless, a company having an enormous chain might be costlier. After you’ve sorted out the appropriate company for flower delivery, you can feel free to book for the sort of flowers you need and the time of delivery you want, which you’ll need to fill-in while booking through Credit/Debit Cards or any other payment modes. However, this will rely upon which flower service you are opting for.


Choosing an International Florist is another excellent idea:

So, now you know that you can avail of international florists’ services to send flowers to your beloved ones staying abroad. Just search in Google and you’ll find several such companies online. After you’ve selected your preferred florist, you can then choose your desired flower arrangement and the delivery mode you favor, and then you can confirm your purchase.

If there is the option available through your florist, you may even incorporate a heart-warming personal note like “I miss you.” The “Track your Order” option is offered by several florists online, enabling you to track your order until it reaches the recipient. You’ll get your login details from the company once your purchase is complete. The best thing about international florists is that they will always deliver you fresh flowers irrespective of the delivery time and the location.


Delivery of flowers from your place to the location of your loved one: 

There are several shipping companies available online to choose from to deliver the flowers to your desired location. All you need is to check in with the desired shipping company to find out about the sort of flowers they’re shipping overseas. Once you have this information, you’ll have a clear idea about the kind of flowers you need to buy.

However, keep in mind that a shipping company is not the same as international florists or the recipient’s local florist, who can deliver fresh flowers.

But don’t worry; remember these steps to ensure that the fresh flowers get delivered to your loved one:

  • To ensure that the flowers you’ve brought remain fresh, wrap the stems with a wet towel. Since it may take some time for the flowers to reach their desired location, it is essential that the stems are cover dipped in water and then covered.
  • For additional freshness, dip the stem ends in water, keep them in a plastic bag, and then use a rubber band and tie the top of the bag.
  • After this, place them in a box and take them to your favored shipping company. From that point, you can choose how many days you would like the flowers to arrive at your loved ones’ location. About one or two days are ideally recommended to ensure the flowers remain fresh.


Take someone’s assistance for flower delivery: 

The other way to deliver flowers is by requesting someone from your loved ones’ area to deliver the flower arrangement to them. Though this might be inconvenient for some, however, this is an easy method to deliver flowers to the recipient once both of you come to terms.

All you need to do is inform them about the kind of flowers you prefer to send to your beloved one or what kind of flowers your beloved ones prefer, whether roses, lilies, tulips, etc. Once you’ve purchased the appropriate flower arrangement, these people will easily deliver it to the person you want.


International flower delivery vial mail:

If you don’t find the other convenient ways, you can opt for international flower delivery via mail. Such delivery is surely possible, and it will also ensure that your flowers remain as beautiful and fresh as when you brought them.

However, to ensure they stay fresh, here are a few steps that need to be followed:

  • Always choose a box that is lighter in weight. The box’s height and width should be the same as that of the flowers, and the box must be wooden-made, which is sufficiently strong to travel via mail.
  • Line the box’s sides using cotton material, and on top, place a paper sheet.
  • Put all the flowers inside a box in a proper arrangement and order to ensure they aren’t on each other’s top. Be mindful to ensure they remain close and don’t get disarranged while being shipped.
  • Put the lid to cover the box and tape together its sides.
  • Put the address where you want the flower arrangement to reach. So, now you’re done, send the flowers via mail, and your beloved one will get them soon.

Final thoughts:    

Whatever might be the occasion, whether it’s something or an occasion for bereavement, you can always send flowers abroad, and there is no specific time for that. With the different options that are accessible, no way you can wrong in choosing your most preferred flower delivery mode. Your beloved one will, without a doubt, get your flower present and you’ll be delighted that you chose the perfect one for you.


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