What are the Best Flowers to Send Her for the International Women’s Day?

Do you know that there is a job that needs you to work the whole year round, 24 hours a day, without pay? You cannot even sit and have any lunch breaks! No holidays or insurance, but it still legal! The thing about it is that there are billions of people who do this job. It is the mothers, grandmothers, and women.

Well, considering the vital role that women play in society, words are not enough to thank them.  They deserve more. It has only been this 20th century that their importance has come to light.  They need to be shown respect and support. The UN has done just that by assigning the 8th of March as International Women’s Day. It is a day for thanksgiving and celebrating empowerment and equality.

Reason of the Occasion

 This year 2021, the International Women’s Day theme is all about giving value to women’s rights. It is a special day for everyone to stand in solidarity with the feminist movement. The day is a holiday and a chance for you to honor your mother, co-worker, boss, grandmother, friends, and trans-women alike.

Starting as a feminist holiday in Italy, in the year 1946, this has been the occasion for commemorating strength, grace, and womanhood. This holiday has been practiced by most countries around the world. But, some nations still lack the concept of women empowerment in their society. This is where you come in. You can help change the world by giving out flowers.


Why Flowers?

There are moments that words do not reach. There are emotions too powerful to name. Flowers on the other hand have become the perfect vessel for expressing your innermost feelings. They are nature’s precious gems that allow you to showcase your devotion towards someone.

On March 8, certain flowers have become so in demand because of the meanings that they portray. But, how do you figure out which flower to pick? What floral delights would perfectly encapsulate your intentions? Well, pick up your pen and take notes. You will have to learn the arcane flower lexicon.

Learn the Flower Language

Every flower has something to say. Some shout out admiration and love. Others ardently proclaim loyalty and devotion. Some just simply whisper to the heart. Here are the different flowers you can choose from and what they symbolize:

  • Mimosas

Its intoxicating aroma and a delightful array of purple, yellow, and orange hues make it the unofficial flower for the International Women’s Day. Selected by the Italians because of its abundance during the spring, mimosas embody respect.

  • Lilies

Known for their unique aesthetic, lilies have been also the top flower favorites. Their delicate fragrance and pure white petals have become a symbol of purity and elegance. On this special day, you can give it to your loved ones to show honor and grace.

  • Orchids

Rare and very fragile, this orchid flower has been a source of pride for florists. They are quite hard to nurture but once they do, it is all worth it. You will surely be enticed with its beautiful petals and wide color variety. To show to someone how proud you are of what they have achieved, orchids are the way to go.

  • Tulips

This flower has been greatly praised for its sweet scent. Its fragrance is as sweet as honey. It is like heaven on a bud. With its amazing smell, tulips bloom all through winter. They are perfect to tell someone how much you admire their endurance.

  • Roses

Like any classics, you can never go wrong with roses. They are symbols of passion and undying love. But, on International Women’s Day, they can mean different depending on their colors. A bouquet of white roses is for being grateful. Yellow roses are for loyalty, while pink roses are for inner strength.

  • Carnations

The amazing thing about carnations is the abundance of its colors. They can range from purple to red to pink to white and so much more. This in turn makes them a very common choice during this special day. You can praise someone for their perseverance with purple carnations, kindness with white carnations, and pink for empowerment.

  • Gladiolus

Recognizable for its elongated petals, this flower is traditionally given to victorious gladiators in the Roman times. Now with its new name as the sword lily, it still embodies the same meaning. Give this to the special women who successfully overcame tremendous challenges in their life.

  • Gerbera

This simple delight of a flower has been a favorite for any mother. This is because it is the flower that bears the closest resemblance to children’s flower drawings. Aside from that, they have a wide diversity when it comes to hybrids and colors. Give this to any maternal figure of your life and thank them for your wonderful childhood.

Now it is okay if you failed or forgot to send out flowers to the women in your life. There is always a next year.  The good thing is, you can prepare and give them the best bouquet they have ever had. Remember the deep meaning of every flower and you are good to go. It is also best if you reserve ahead of the date since flowers can be scarce at this time.

But, it does not have to be a holiday for you to send out those flowers. Every day is an opportunity for you to remind the people that you love how special they are. So, what are you yapping about? Call your local florist, order some bouquets, and make each day a special one. Whether you are a dude or a gal, sending out flowers are for everyone. International Women’s Day after all is a day for equality.