[2021] What are the Best Valentine flowers?

Valentine’s Day is a day to be spent with your loved ones, and bring more light to the day a flower could do wonders. Flowers have been there for centuries, embarking the symbol of love and affection. There are various flowers to be found around us, but very few of us know what they symbolize. The most popular gifts are chocolates on Valentine’s Day followed by flowers. Presenting the flower-decorated in a beautiful bouquet to your loved ones means a lot. To make this day just the right one for you, we have selected the top 5 flowers that are best for Valentine’s Day.


Make sure to read through the last to know what each color of different flowers symbolizes. Flowers have always been the symbol of love bringing couples closer on occasions, be it marriage or Valentine’s Days. Below mentioned are the top 5 flowers that you can choose for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.



Roses had to be at our top list as these flowers are the most potent symbol of love known to humans. Many studies show that more than 50% of the people buy their loved ones roses on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are the king of roses and have been the favorite color for all occasions such as marriages, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, and many more. Red roses symbolize love, passion, romance, and beauty, making it your perfect choice for this year’s Valentine’s Day.


What is so amazing about this flower is that there are nearly 150 verities present in roses, making it one of the most favorable flowers. For generations, roses have been accepted as a token of love, and to this day nothing has changed. Roses have been able to remain the top choice for all when it comes to showing our love and affection for someone. Valentine’s roses are something which is primarily meant for Valentine’s Day as their aroma can win the hearts of anyone.



Lilies are one of the most common flowers that can be seen every day around us. There are various colors in this flower, such as pink, white, orange, and red. This flower is filled with fragrance and can light up anyplace. Gifting your loved ones a lily flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day can never go wrong as it is destined to impress anyone you gift it to. Lilies symbolize elegance, and they are high priced flowers fit for someone who is highly ambitious. So, if your sweetheart is ambitious and loves flowers, then lilies are something you should opt for.


The oriental white lilies are one of the favorites you should undoubtedly opt for besides rose if your sweetheart is sophisticated. These flowers have a powerful fragrance, which is breathtaking making it the perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.



When decorated together in a bouquet, carnations look fascinating and can be a good Valentine’s Day flower this year. Carnations are available in various colors such as red, white, dark red, and many more. Each color symbolizes something; color white symbolizes purity and luck; the red color is best for someone you admire, whereas the dark red is for the one you love. Carnations are also the first anniversary flowers representing love and togetherness.


Carnation flowers are widely used in many occasions such as marriages, Valentine’s Day, mother day, and many more. These flowers have a very feminine look and would cheer up your sweetheart for sure. Carnations are widely popular and fall just behind roses due to their affordable price and availability. If your relationship is in the initial stages than the best suggestion for you, this valentine would be carnation flowers. They symbolize fascination and involvement, which is why it is so famous for occasions.


Peruvian Lily:

Peruvian Lily compliments other flowers such as the pink and red roses when dressed together in a bouquet. Peruvian Lily is a trendy flower and is a perfect match for someone looking to present a flower on Valentine’s Day. When cut, these flowers hold the record for lasting the longest. Their petals are eye-catchy and adorable to look at. Peruvian Lily symbolizes devotion representing your undying love for your soul mate.


What is interesting about this flower is that it can have multiple blooms on a single stem. You can use a bouquet to make it look more beautiful and extravagant. Peruvian Lily’s strength has been admired as it can last very long even when the stem is cut, unlike other flowers. This flower is also known as Alstroemeria, very commonly found in the parts of Brazil and Chile. Gift your loved ones the perfect bouquet filled with Peruvian Lily this valentines.



Tulips are one flower that comes in almost all the colors you can expect. Tulips have been the favorite choice for many seasons apart from Valentine’s Day due to many reasons. These flowers are available very quickly and come at a very affordable cost. Tulip has been underestimated by many, but very few know that these flowers, when dressed in a bouquet, look the best. Tulips pink color is prevalent among couples and lovers all around the globe. Pink Tulips represent love and affection. They symbolize true love and are regarded as very favorable flowers for Valentine’s Day.


Show your loved ones your love and affection towards them with the most delicate collections of pink tulips this Valentine’s Day. This flower has been there for many generations representing true love and affection towards our loved ones.



Valentine’s Day plays a very prominent part of our lives as we all love someone or the other. Flowers have always been the symbol of love and affection towards our dear ones. To make your Valentine’s Day 2021, you had always been waiting to gift your loved ones from the top 5 flowers mentioned above. All these flowers are ranked based on their popularity availability and their vigorous representation of love. Flowers can do wonders when presented to your loved ones. They have been the symbol of peace and love for centuries and would remain so forever.