What is the Best Flower for a First Date?

Throughout the years, first date flowers have been considered a sweet gesture. While you wouldn’t want to intimidate her by bringing a hand bouquet of 50 romantic red roses, there is a way to convey the right message with flowers.

Roses for the Committed

A single rose, preferably not red, would be a good choice on a first date. However,  romantic women may be open to red roses, even a dozen of them if you know your feelings have always been mutual for a long-term even though this is your first date. Classic red roses are for those who are ready for commitment. Still, you would want to narrow down the bouquet to one to three roses.

Now red is sometimes perceived as too romantic on a first date, and sometimes pushy. Opt for pink roses instead. It’s a subtle way to show your passion and appreciate her.

individual rose for sales in SingaporeShow Subtle Signs

Gardenias are also another subtle way to show you’re ready for commitment but don’t want to scare her away. It symbolizes secret admiration.

Carnations are also romantic flowers like roses. You can give carnations on a first date to someone you have good chemistry with and whose likes and dislikes you typically know.

For the Elegant Woman

Make her feel special by giving her a flower arrangement of lilies. You can opt for white or colored lilies as both choices are good. You will certainly impress a refined lady by bringing her lilies on a first date.

Orchids are also perfect for an elegant woman. Sending orchids show how truly special someone means to you. With proper orchid care, orchids can also last longer than most blooms.

A Cheery Vibe

The way you give her flowers will help convey the right message. Cheery, colorful flowers given with a light and fun tone will help avoid any awkward feelings. If you can, give her the flowers when you pick her up at her place so she can leave it home. If you pick her up at work, it’s best not to give her flowers where her colleagues can see them avoid awkward feelings.

Tulips provide just the right romantic touch without seeming pushy. Colorful gerberas are also suitable as first date flowers since they are cheery and long-lasting.

Flowers When You’re Not Yet a Couple

If you already have feelings for someone but you want to take it slow, go ahead and swoon her with lavender or purple-colored flowers. Opt for lilacs or purple roses. This signifies love at first sight.

You can also give a subtle hint about your feelings by mixing a few red roses in a bouquet or orange roses. It means you have feelings of excitement and desire for a relationship.

Flowers for a First Date with a Friend or Colleague

With a colleague or friend, you’re still warming up to each other. Opt for warm yellow flowers like sunflowers. If you want to be sure you don’t get flowers that will trigger pollen allergy, go for Asiatic lilies.

You won’t go wrong with freesias and daisies as well. These flowers say you value your friendship and this time spent together. Chrysanthemums also symbolize friendship and loyalty so it’s nice to give them to a friend you just started dating.

Don’t Overdo It

There’s a thin red line between giving a girl a single stalk or a small bouquet of flowers up to a dozen and giving her a full bouquet of red roses. Keep it steady by giving a single stalk first and then moving up to two stems on the second date and three on the third.

There are other women though, who are certain of what they want and find courageous men charming. If you are unafraid to show up with a dozen red roses to show you mean business, by all means do so. Test the waters and trust your gut instinct. If you feel like the way you were taught courtship right by your grandparents or your parents, follow through.

Keep It Simple

For the first date, it’s best to start slow and simple. If you want to give flowers on a first date, tell your florist online that this is for a first date to avoid too romantic decorations. Keep in mind that there are plenty more occasions in the future to give her more flowers. As for now, keep it cheery and add a little bit of humor. However, don’t make it sound like it was a joke or a mistake to give her flowers.

Be sincere and continue your acts of chivalry throughout the night. Be your natural self. If you’re not a natural gentleman around others, it will show through. It’s best to stay true to your personality and gauge your relationship early on.

If you’re dating an acquaintance or a person you just met, it can appear creepy to give flowers on a first date. However, if your date is the traditional type, a romantic who believes that modern dating rules should be ruled out, by all means, don’t be afraid to show up with flowers.

Finally, on the day you give the flowers on your first date, there is a way to tell if she liked it or not. There is a less obvious way to show disapproval of the flowers and that is by accepting it with her left hand. Often, she won’t look at you too.

If she accepts with her right hand and she receives with a smile, it means she accepts the gesture and appreciates it.