What Man Should Know About Flowers?

Flowers are beautiful and are always be welcomed by everyone. These tiny yet ethereal creatures are very pleasing to the eyes. They give a splash of nature to the eyes and their fragrance is another name of a paradise on Earth. In a garden, they give the ultimate beauty and elegance to the bare branches and bows. In a vas in your drawing room, they represent the taste and organization of the person living there. In a bouquet, they express the giver’s true emotions and pure sentiments for the person receiving it. In all the forms, they’re a blessing to human beings. But there is a list of factors one must know about flowers. What are those things, let us have a read below?


When to Buy her flowers?

Flowers are not something you purchase every day. You can’t just hit up the florist in your street and buy some flowers without a reason. Also, you don’t buy flowers before going to the office and give flowers to your boss or your colleagues every day. There are some special occasions to buy flowers. What are those occasions to buy flowers? Well, it varies from culture to culture. It might be Christmas or it can be the day if you loved one victory, it might be Mother’s Day or it can also be your dream date. Human history does not lack the events and days to celebrate. The days are as common as the number of human beings on the planet. You can celebrate a specific day, or you can also make a common day special with your flower surprise to your loved ones. There isn’t no reason to not spread happiness all around. But the point is you must be aware of the reason for giving flowers to the next person. You can’t give a flower to your girlfriend on Mother’s Day, isn’t it? In the same way, you can’t get a bouquet for your colleagues on Valentine’s day. These occasions are for a separate purpose, that is often obvious. But sometimes, due to diversity in the cultures present in all around the world, you get confused that whom to give flowers, or what to give a specific person. This is why you must be aware of the history of that special day and also to the culture of your or that person’s area and time. This is a point to give special attention to because it changes the whole meaning of flowers, and often ruins it if went in the wrong direction. Beware!


Types of flowers for different situations:

So, after knowing the occasion, the story behind it, and the person’s culture, the question arises in your mind that what flowers should I give to the person. Should I go with the lovely Rose or a beautiful Lily would be a better option? Of course, this needs to be considered. It is like the theme party; you need to wear a particular thing and also behave a certain way. Can you wear a Spiderman costume at the wedding you are invited to? Or can you be in work style at your kid’s birthday party? Well I know, your answer is going to be a big No! In the same way, a wedding hall, you can’t get with the water lilies in your basket. You can’t carry the whole centerpiece at the picnic with your family. There are some special flowers for special occasions. It depends on how formal or how casual the event is. Also, how many people are there and what are they for. In the same manner, there can be as many factors as someone’s insight allows them to consider. It thoroughly depends on your judgment skills and your approach towards problems of life.


Meaning of different flowers:

Every flower has a meaning. We are not here to argue whether nature associates the same meaning with the flowers or it is just the restless and curious nature of human beings. Instead, we are here to let you know what would be the meaning of the flower you give to a particular person. What would they think of it living in a specific culture? And what should your own meaning be while purchasing and giving a flower as well? The red rose symbolizes true p

Compassion and romantic feelings for the other person that you give her on Valentine’s day. Beautiful white flowers symbolize the innocence and purity of the bride holding those flowers. Yellow flowers symbolize the beginning of the new journey of friendship to another person while the pink flower is associated with either the subtle feelings of love at their beginning or the perfect joy.

Similarly, the flower itself matters too along with the color. Roses are a symbol of love while lilies represent true beauty. Lavender symbolizes the grant of all the wishes while hydrangea symbolizes the gratitude and an attractive way to say “Thank You”. The sunflower symbolizes the purity and elevation of thoughts and spiritual connection while the tulip is the symbol of expressions of love and compassion for the person. No matter what you are feeling on that day, no matter what special occasion there is and no matter what you want to convey to them, there is always a flower for that occasion. You just have to be more knowledgeable about flowers and their meanings and of course, your own spirit.


Flowers for office environment:

As there are flowers for casual occasions, compassion filled statements and special days, there are definitely flowers for formal events as well. Whether it is your boss’s wedding or a proposal party by the biggest firm in the city, these tiny creatures always find their way. We would recommend sticking to the neutral colors and monochromatic scheme for the overall formal look.

So, these are our suggestions for the factors you should know about flowers. Hope you enjoyed the article and find it related to yourself.