What’s the Best Way to Transport Tall Centerpieces?

Centerpieces are beautiful, aren’t they?

These chunky and ethereal pieces are always considered the most important part of all special occasions whether it is a simple cocktail kitty party at your house or your special day with your dream partner at the wedding hall. These chunky beauties can be seen everywhere. But have you ever wondered how these huge pieces are transferred from the flower shop to the venue of your event? Isn’t it very hard to take such a Giant from one place to another? If it is, then how do they do that?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, or you’re the one who is literally stuck into the situation where you must transfer these pretty monsters to somewhere else, you probably at the right place. Here we will discuss all the possible steps of carrying these tall centerpieces from one place to another:


Step-1: Consider the Safety first:

It can be quite hard to travel with these huge centerpieces and it can often cause injuries to human beings, animals, or nature. We have to take some safety measures before we start transferring them. These basic steps are:

Selection of Safe Equipment for carrying them:


You need proper gadgets to lift them up. Use the weight lifters and if the centerpiece is very big, use cranes to set them on the place.


It is not suitable to use humans to carry such a big piece to the venue. Try using a vehicle instead. Make sure it is strong enough to carry the weight of the centerpiece and is in good condition to start up the journey.


If you use humans anyway as a laborer, you have to take extreme measures for the purpose. Keep an eye on the health of the laborer. Are they able to carry that weight? Take ultimate care of your laborer before, during, and after the journey and give them a proper amount of money. After all, this is a tough job to do.

Safety of human beings:

It is necessary to consider the safety of human beings when carrying the journey. Make sure that you choose your way from an area of the less human population to avoid disturbing people.

Safety of animals:

During your journey or loading, unloading procedure, make sure that there are no stray animals in the path of the centerpiece. Try choosing a path that has fewer chances to find out any animal. If you see any animal in the way, stop the journey and first let that animal go away. Then you may restart.

Safety of Nature:

Mother nature is the thing that stands for us in the first place so it is our duty to preserve it as much as possible. Avoid harming plants, any weeds, or anything that has a connection to nature.


Step-2: Make Sure that Flowers are fresh:

Your main aim is to deliver fresh and fragrant flowers to the venue. So how can we skip that! In order to keep them fresh, you must consider the following substeps:

– Protect them from heat:

While loading, unloading, and carrying your centerpieces, your flowers will suffer a lot of drastic changes in their optimal conditions. One of them is heat. To avoid this, you must have proper arrangements for heat resistance in your vehicle. Your van should be refrigerated when with proper arrangements of heat disposal in it. An optimal temperature should be maintained.

– Protect them from sunlight:

During the process of loading and unloading, you will have to face sunlight, and so do your flowers. So, you have to take measures to avoid them from shedding their youth. Always use a covered vehicle with a proper rooftop to avoid the sun. Use protecting spray for flowers to make them sunlight resistant. This is a very important step. Always use spray for your flowers.

-Shower the flowers of the centerpiece with water to keep them fresh:

Ok, you can’t have that beautiful and always ready centerpiece all the time. Your flowers need some of their own time. Detach them from the centerpiece and spray them with water to maintain their freshness. It will take a lot of time. So, have some patience and let the flowers maintain their essence and youth. It is good to do it twice a day if the journey is long.


STEP-3: Carrying:

Use the flower vans if centerpiece fits into them:

If your centerpieces are not as big as you need a truck for them, is OK to use the regular van you use for regular delivery. It will be less costly, less time consuming and the engine will be efficient. But be careful while using these vans if size has some issues. Do not try to forcefully fit the centerpiece into the van.

Use the vehicles with open back (like the Vigo vehicles):

To avoid getting any size issues, you have to use open back vehicles. Use this as a backup option because it is not always safer, either for you or your flowers. But it is better than getting injured or losing flowers. Consider all the safety measures you think while using that vehicle.


Unloading can be as tricky as loading or carrying. Ask for another person’s help to complete the task. Use Crane again for the unloading as well. Avoid throwing all the stuff out of the vehicle. Handle it with care. If possible, keep all of your crew with you so they can help you while unloading.


We have discussed the procedure of loading, carrying, and unloading of tall centerpieces. Also, the safety measures you can take to avoid any harm to any individual, animal, plant, or any other being of nature. Also, you need to take care of your flowers and avoid making any harm to them. All the steps should be followed, respectively. If you follow this method, you’ll be able to carry the tall and monster centerpieces to the required venue, successfully.

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