Why Tropical Flowers are best for Flower Gifting?

The floral world is replete with options for the flower lovers and sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to pick the right flower for any occasion. You may have come across the term ‘Exotic Flowers’ very often while browsing through the flower sites. Well, this is another term for the Tropical flowers that are very popular due to their unique beauty and fragrance. They can be perfect flowers for gifting as they will express your thoughtfulness rightly. Let’s learn more about these flowers.


Specialties of the Tropical Flowers

The tropics are the most bio-diverse geographical belt on the globe and their flora world is no exception. Most of the flower species found here are endemic ones. Tropical flowers only thrive in the warm climates and their niche status is mainly because of certain unique characteristics like:

  • The bold and exotic appearance
  • Vibrant and strong colors
  • Unusual pattern and shapes
  • Wide range of flower sizes
  • Give energetic and passionate vibes
  • Colorful foliage
  • Great fillers with other exquisite flowers

Tropical flowers are associated with a variety of symbols and values that differ from specie to specie. On a general note, the values of luxury, beauty, courage, adventure, thrill, mystery, singular brilliance, diversity, joyfulness, hospitality, spirituality, and many others are represented by the numerous members of the tropical flora family.


Attributes that make tropical flowers best for gifting

An arrangement of tropical flowers doesn’t really need any occasion for being gifted. Whoever receives the flowers from your side is not going to forget the gesture for long. The tropical flowers make the best centerpieces or wall frames as they add an exotic touch to the living space that they are kept at. Let us give you some gifting ideas for the tropical flowers:

  • Gifting tropical flowers to your romantic partner will never be an old idea. These flowers represent a sense of uniqueness and adventure; such gifts can definitely warm up your romantic relationship. Combine the bouquet with some chocolates, soft toys, or a card to make it a more vibrant gesture.
  • If you are going to a +, then tropical flowers are really the best gift. The hosts will lovingly appreciate these charming floral settings for a table piece or corner vase to make the space attention-catching.
  • Wishing anyone “Get Well Soon” can definitely be made more impactful by sending tropical flowers. Their blissful charm will bring a smile on the face of the sick.
  • Some of the tropical flowers also represent sorrow and life spirits. This makes them a good item to give to the family of a deceased. Be careful while choosing these flowers and make sure to know their meaning.
  • A bouquet of classic flowers like roses and lilies mixed with some tropical flowers can be the best idea for a gift at a wedding.
  • Occasions like baby showers and birthdays can also be perfect timings for a tropical flower bouquet. You can even get tiaras or bracelets made for the host family and they will surely love it.
  • Tropical flowers can be the best gift during any fall event as they invoke the sense of warmth, subtlety, and their lush scent is beguiling.
  • Lastly, you can just pick an arrangement of tropical flowers and gift them to any loved one. These flowers can be the best no reason surprise and will make the day of the receiver instantly.


Some great tropical flowers to gift

Here is a list of 10 tropical flowers that you can gift to anyone in any customized setting that you want.

  1. Orchids

This is the most popular name in the world of exotic flowers. These luscious flowers represent the values of uniqueness, perfection, love, and virility. No other flower can beat their popularity for wedding gifts, cut flower arrangements, and decoration.

  1. Plumeria

These magnificent pastel flowers have multi-color variants and they give a luring smell at night. These flowers represent love, friendship, warmth, life, and timeless beauty. You can gift these for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, or funerals too.

  1. Cosmos

These flowers exhibit bold looks and they come in a wide range of bright colors with a common yellow center and vanillin scent. These are primarily used as cut flowers in the floral arrangements for events like weddings, anniversaries, etc. and you can gift them on the same.

  1. Magnolia

These big fragrant flowers represent beauty, nobility, dignity, and feminine sweetness. If someone is much into nature, then magnolia is the perfect gift for them. The sumptuous bouquets of Magnolia can be great as gifts for weddings, and any formal event.

  1. Jasmine

These tiny flowers give the best luring scent and have been representing hope, life, motherhood, eternal life, happiness, love, effeminacy, and sensuality ever since. They are the best fillers for any floral arrangement for the vibrancy and fragrance they add to the bouquet.

  1. Calla Lily flower

This is a unique tropical specie that looks extremely artistic and symbolizes magnificent beauty, appreciation, purity, and sympathy. They are the perfect gifts for the brides as they look lovely in bridal bouquet arrangements and other cut flower arrangements.

  1. Bird of Paradise

Anyone can be thrilled by looking at this flower due to the outstanding and mysterious looks of it. It symbolizes paradise, good perspective, freedom, and magnificence. Upon gifting, they are meant to invoke the feeling of faithfulness and they can make great cut flower pieces in floral arrangements.

  1. Protea

This flower has the biggest range of varieties and the strikingly majestic appearance of Protea is associated with the Proteus who is the god of change. These flowers are a great ornamental gift for weddings, house parties, etc. due to their long life and beauty.

  1. Ginger

These are highly prized exotic flowers that symbolize undulating strength. They can be the perfect gift when combined with other tropical flowers in an arrangement. Ginger flowers can easily enhance the aesthetics of any living space.

  1. Anthurium

These are stunning flowers that will turn out to be a statement floral arrangement in any party upon gifting. They are the perfect garden ornamentals and due to their long life, they can perfectly represent your hospitality.