A Guide to Exotic Flowers

Have you ever seen a flower so unique or so beautiful that you wish you had it for yourself? There must have been a time where you went inside the flower shop and did not really find what you were looking for. You may have bought all the kinds of flowers in your local florist to give to your significant other but want to change it up a bit. Lucky for you, there are tons of exotic and rare flowers you can choose from to give your hand bouquet or flower arrangement that extra boost.

It may not even be for a gift to someone you care about, and it could be that you just want to spice things up in your backyard or in your garden with some rare and exotic looking flowers. These flowers are usually breathtaking on its own and can that special touch to any gift or garden you have at home. They are also perfect for those special occasions like anniversaries, weddings and even solemn occasions. If you are not much aware of the exotic flowers, below is a list and guide of some of them. You might just have that sudden urge for something exotic and new.


Types of Exotic flowers

  • Birds of Paradise – You may have heard of this flower as it is one of the most well-known exotic flowers there is. Just ask your local florist. What makes this flower so unique is its shape as it resembles a bird. Which is where it had gotten its name from. They are definitely a sight to see and would definitely be a good addition to any garden.
  • Dutch Amaryllis – These flowers are known for their shape and size. They are bulbous and are very beautiful to look at especially in their full bloom. They come in a variety of colors ranging from red, white, pink, orange, rose and some may even come in bicolored.
  • Calla Lily – This flower is often used in weddings and other occasions. This is because of their pure white color in a shape of a large and flaring trumpet. It has a spadix that is covered with tiny flowers. The outer layer of white that looks like the petal is actually its bract.
  • Gardenias – These flowers are known for their fragrance. You can smell them even if their oils and petals have not been crushed or extracted. They have a waxy like layer and come in the color of white. They are also single or double, which means their petals may come in different numbers. They can grow at least 4 inches in diameter.
  • Lily of the valley – This is another familiar name of an exotic flower. These flowers are shaped like small bells than grow from a single stem. They are known to be smell very good and can even infuse the air with their fragrance for the whole day. You definitely would want to get a smell of their fragrance.
  • Calathes – considered as the most beautiful among its kind, these flowers come in various shapes and sizes. They look whimsical and even magical with light feather looking petals that bloom around and resemble an acorn. These flowers will definitely add a bit of magic to your garden.
  • Lotus – Often mistaken for a lily, these flowers are actually quite different when you look at them up closer. These flowers can be found in murky and shallow waters so it would be a great addition to your backyard if you have a pond. They have a beautiful fragrance and their petals open during the morning and would later fall in the afternoon. They come in either pink or white colors.
  • LilacsLilacs are very known for their scent. They are used in bath soaps and shampoos because of their fragrance and the benefits they have for the skin and hair. These flowers are purple in color and are clustered together like a feather duster. They may resemble a lavender, but they are much thicker in diameter. They are definitely a good addition to your garden for that wonderful smell and color.

You can learn more about taking care of exotic flowers and growing them when you ask your local flower shop. Some of these flowers may be hard to grow and that is why they are considered rare or exotic. Some of them may even grow on specific areas of the world only because of weather conditions. Of course, you can easily find these flowers if you shop for them online.

If you are planning to spice up your love life or even just your garden, home or any occasion, you should definitely put in mind these exotic flowers. They would add not only beauty to your occasion, but guests would have an interest over these flowers and would ask you about them. It may be best to educate yourself also about the flower before you put them on display.

You can also make anyone’s day more special by getting them something out of the ordinary than a simple rose bouquet. You can create an exotic and unique hand bouquet that would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face and would warm anyone’s heart because of the effort and time you placed into creating a unique and one of a kind for them. With an exotic flower that cannot be found or bought just anywhere.