All about Stargazer Lily – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

The striking bloom that you can opt on expressing one’s congratulatory and sympathy messages towards another person. Stargazer lily is a celebrity in almost all kinds of occasions. The bold, dramatic, and young beauty of these lilies is what catches everyone’s attention. Not only it smells really good, but also how striking its beauty is. No doubt, it is one of the most celebrated lilies today.


History of Stargazer Lily

Lilies with its significant floral symbol for a time immemorial are brought to a new dimension with the emergence of stargazers. Myths and old stories from all different places in the world associate lilies to something of deep spiritual and philosophical belief. And with this hybrid added on the list has appeared to have outranked everyone else.


Back during 1978, Leslie Woodruff cross-pollinated an Oriental lily and Asiatic lily that bred to the famous stargazers. The amazing coalition carried the awesome fragrance of the latter and the wonderful colors of the former. As to how it got its name, stargazers’ blooms look up open towards the sky. That explains why.


Stargazer Lily Color and its Meaning

No flower in this world is as dramatic and impressive as what stargazers bring. Its bold and beautiful blooms are the most renowned form of lilies. To describe its beauty is beyond words. Across the globe, stargazers are used to express the meanings of prosperity, abundance, wellness, and financial success. Even a lot of people convey anything in giving meanings to these blooms. Sending one’s best wishes or professing one’s love to another is what these lilies tell.


Couples celebrating their 30th anniversaries often bring these flowers with them. Its striking appearance always stands out among other forms of lilies. Various other colors of stargazers are also often used to mean hope, truthfulness, and friendship. Make someone’s day brighter with these blooms on their side.


In addition, just the way it looks up towards the sky already conveys series of meanings. It only tells you that there are unlimited possibilities in pursuing one’s passion and dreams. That there will always be hope despite everything that is going on. Just be persistent and success comes right after.


Planting Stargazers in Your Gardens

If its classic beauty has caught your attention, never miss the sight of it again and make Stargazers your daily dose of happiness. Let its fragrance and vibrant colors bring joy to your homes. never worry taking care of one back at home because it only requires a minimal amount of maintenance, unlike other flowers you can bring into your gardens. Include getting these flowers in your gardening project or home renovation plans. It is all worth it.


Variations and Characteristics

Not only that it smells fragrant, but it also comes with several variations with each giving a different meaning and use. Stargazers come with almost nine different colors and each has unique qualities that all flower lovers will appreciate. Three of these numbers have gained an enormous amount of popularity. Let us check these colors and know what each means.


  • Pink Stargazers

Ranging from dark pink to red, the pinks ones are seemingly the most favored. Unlike other flowers, pink stargazers are very unique. The color is not plain. Although it is seen pink, however,  this color is not present in its entirety. The edges of this particular stargazer are white and around the center of it are freckles of rose color. Its petals’ interior is spotted and the center is light yellow, while the anthers and the pollen are bright oranges. It is a mix of various colors and together looks amazing. With these colors in tacked, florists find these remarkable and recognize it as the most in-demand stargazers. Weddings and couples celebrating it often get these blooms.


  • White Stargazers

Though popularly known as the ‘snow princess’, but this is the summer flower to most. Its blossoms are a bit large and showy as that of the pink stargazers. Same, its fragrance is stirring. The petals are pure white in color with the shapes of a star. Its center is light green and has no patches or spots in it. In case you are planning to send a wedding bouquet, this has to be on your list. Not just purity, but this flower also signifies sympathy and innocence. As you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary, make this flower a part of it.


  • Golden Stargazers

Then there are the golden lilies. It is traditionally referred to as the Orienpets. The blooms of this particular lily are in deep-yellow color and are covered with red spits. They have a strong fragrance that could perfume an entire room. But this one is not as widely used compared to the former lilies and is mainly planted for the purpose of bringing a fragrant smell. Although it is not that popular, the golden stargazers are used to celebrate friendship. It brings joy and cheers to anyone.


Always Keep These Things in Mind

Stargazers may be the flower of choice by most, but there are setbacks that you want to trade off before planting one at home.

  • The pollens of these lilies stain whatever they touch.
  • It is fatal to pets.
  • It attracts beetles and may damage its flowers.
  • Pests can easily infest on it. This means it would require a particular level of pest control maintenance.


Gardening with Stargazers

What is amazing about this lily is how it is capable of surviving both backyard and container gardening. That means you can either directly plant it outside your home or simply plant them in containers. Despite being a favorite to pests, taking care of this lily is not as difficult as you think it is. It is low maintenance and does not require much as compared to other flowers.