The mystique associated with black roses has led to various means of creating it. Like blue roses, purely black roses do not exist in nature. What is referred to as black roses these days, is a very dark shade of red, purple, or maroon, or white roses that have been dyed in black ink. There have been rumours that the black rose was seen to exist naturally in Tibet. However, this has not been verified.

Black as a colour, has most often been associated with grief and mourning. It seems to be the colour code at funerals. While it is true that the black rose is associated with these meanings, it is also interesting to know that black roses have a positive side to their existence too, as you will find out in this article written by our in-house professional florist.

Black roses have been featured in many different fictions because of its elusiveness. The bloom is rich in meaning and significance. It has been also called “Black velvet rose”, “Black jade”, “Black beauty, “Black magic”, “Tuscany superb”, “Baccarat”, etc.

The meanings of black roses 

A lot of questions may have come to your mind about the existence and if so, the specific meanings of black roses. Below are the meanings this unique rose flower carries:

  • Death and Farewell: Black roses are a sign of death. Not just physical or mortal death, but the death of relationships, ideas, careers, habits, etc. If you send your romantic partner this flower, it means you intend ending the relationship. Foremost, black roses are considered a sign of bereavement and loss. Centuries ago, soldiers often gave a single black rose to their loved ones, if the odds against them returning from a particular war were very high. Human nature has a dark side, and black roses tone this side up. On a brighter note, the death of an old mode of operation or a habitual system stimulates the enthusiasm and confidence, needed to accompany a better future.
  • Beginning of newness: The black rose is not just filled with negative meanings. It also has this very positive aspect. Just the way a seed falls to the ground and germinates, the same way, black roses express the expectation of a better beginning full of potentials that are not yet explored. So, not all goodbyes are bad; some are for the better. Rebirth is a much welcome meaning here and the hope for a better future is felt. Black roses signify the end of a tyranny.
  • Courage: Anarchist groups have found strength and courage in black roses. Antiauthoritarian groups likewise. In the wars between the British and the Irish in the 1600s, the Irish used lyrics from “The little black rose”, and they formed a resistance with it. A Montreal anarchist publisher is even named Black Rose Books. In the 1970’s, a well-respected journal consisting of anarchist ideas was published in Boston and named the black rose. This is an otherwise, political use of the black rose.

  • Mystery: Because of the magic surrounding it, a black rose could mean mystery. This is very popular in art or fiction works of pop culture. It plots a feeling of obsessive love, danger, or some kind of ominous atmosphere. Since some degree of manipulation is involved in achieving a particular shade of the colour, it could very well translate as an obsession, showing how far a person is willing to go in satisfying the compulsive thoughts.
  • Hatred: This is line with the language of flowers from the 19th Very much maligned individuals were sent black roses to express the animosity that was kindled towards them. Here, there is room for the ugliness of despair, negativity, revenge or vengeance to an enemy.
  • Tragic romance: A similar meaning portrayed by the black rose is tragic romance; the sad part every relationship carries with itself. As aforementioned, a single black rose given to a partner signifies the death of that relationship and the end of a love that totally withered to its roots.
  • Devotion: In the context of a relationship, black roses signify total devotion and exclusivity in the bond. This is in stark contrast to the meaning above, because this is what some people consider it to mean. This is seen countless number of times in the Gothic literature. Black roses signify a devotion that is as rare as the flower itself.

People have become very creative with the use of black roses during Halloween. They make good accessories for the clothes, make up, candles, decorations, etc. Some people have suggested that black roses should be seen as everything a white rose isn’t.

In general, black roses are used in literature (seen in novels by great authors such as Nora Roberts, Debra Mullins, Harlequin, Christina Skye), fiction (for example, in the Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Vampire series), pop culture, romance, anime, video games, arts, music (where it was the title of a song by Clear Light and Levy Barrington), politics (it is even Ireland’s most political song title), and a host of other spheres of influence.

While black may not be the first colour that comes to mind when thinking of a rose, knowing the black rose may have potentially confusing meanings, between the sender and the recipient is of importance. Black roses remain elusive and mysterious and have different interpretations. It may be necessary for a note to accompany it, in order to preserve the intended meaning.