How To Tell If An Avocado Is Ripe?

Well, slicing the ripe avocado is indeed a satisfying feeling. Ripe avocados are delicious and creamy and can be eaten alone, or mixed in salads, or used in a dessert, or mixed in a smoothie. In many ways, you can use avocados in your daily meal and provide a different flavor to it. 

But how can you know whether avocado is ripe or not? In the end, you can use it after slicing it into pieces. Worry not; we have brought the solution to your problem. In this article you will learn about ripe avocados, ways to quickly ripe unripe avocados and store them properly in order to keep them fresh and healthy.  


How to know whether avocado is ripe or not?

The process of ripening of avocados is different from other fruits. It matured after the harvest. An unripe avocado is bright green and has a smooth surface area. As the process of ripening starts the color starts turning into dark green and almost back when they get fully matured. The surface area of ripe avocado becomes bumpy. 

However, the texture of the skin and the color variations in each avocado and therefore it is best to look through every one of them before buying. To know avocado is ripe or not, squeeze it gently. It should feel a little soft. You must squeeze it from the stem because it is ripe from the stem. The softness around the stem end area indicates its ripeness. 


How does avocado look from the inside?

After ensuring whether avocado is ripe or not, you can dice it in half. The ripe avocado contains a creamy texture from inside with green color flesh. You can easily know the rotten avocado because it gets black and brown spots inside and give a strong rotten smell. It is safe to eat overripe avocados even though they do not look nice and texture also changes.  


How to ripe the avocados quickly?

Honestly, if you bought rock-hard avocado it may take days to mature before you can eat them. There are certain ways and methods that you can use to fasten the process of its ripeness. The first method is to wrap raw avocado in brown paper or place them in a brown bag and keep it in a warm place. You can place it in a sunny area and the heat will instigate the process of ripeness. 

The other way is to put the avocado in a plastic bag with banana peel or an apple peel. The apple and banana give out the ethylene gas which triggers the process of ripening. You must keep them for about two or three days to get them fully matured. 

Furthermore, there is one more trick to ripe avocado faster. You can cover the avocado in foil paper and place it in an oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for ten minutes. 


How to store avocados to keep them fresh?

Okay, you have learned how to know if avocados are ripe and how to quickly ripe raw avocados, now you should also learn how to store avocados properly to keep them fresh and healthy. If avocados are still not mature you must keep them at room temperature to ripen them. Sometimes avocados take more than 3 days to ripe. 

Once the avocados are matured, store them in a cool and dry place like a refrigerator till the time you eat them. The low temperature slows down the process of ripening and protects them from over-ripening and getting dandy. Make sure to use them within few days of their ripening. You can put avocados with other fruits except for bananas or apples. If you follow this guideline you can use avocados for long period. 

So, in this article, we have covered all the essential points related to avocados. We have addressed some frequently asked questions regarding the ripe avocados.

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