How Much Do Funeral Flowers Cost in Singapore?

Funeral flowers range in price between $35 and $1000. One of the most affordable funeral flowers consists of peace lilies arranged in a small basket. A decent spray or basket of funeral flowers can cost around $50 to $80. Heart-shaped or cross-shaped wreaths cost above $100. Complex bouquets with various types of flowers or angle-shaped wreaths can cost more. Large casket sprays are the most expensive and the family can expect to pay several hundreds of dollars for it.

Are funeral flowers expensive?

Funeral flowers are a tribute to the deceased. Fresh-cut flowers are used for this purpose. Casket flowers are often the most expensive arrangements but so are large standing sprays. Often the company will pay on behalf of all in the business. A group of students or friends may also chip in to be able to afford a decent basket or wreath for their deceased friend or teacher. In a market with high competition for funeral flowers, you may get a more reasonable price for an arrangement. Some families opt to ask for charitable donations instead of funeral flowers.

Are there cheap funeral flowers available?

If you live abroad, sending funeral flowers can be cheaper than having to pay for round trip plane tickets to attend the funeral. Cheaper options are available when there are more suppliers to meet the demand. Be sure to only order from a reputable florist to ensure the flowers are delivered to the funeral home.

Florists often offer funeral flowers at a lower price than at your local flower shop. This is because they do not incur the same expenses as running a flower retail chain. There is also one advantage when ordering funeral flowers online and that is free delivery. Do note that some funeral homes charge a fee for arranging the flowers. Also, some funeral parlors pay a commission fee to some florists albeit you may get them at discounted prices at times.

Will I save money if I order funeral flowers online?

Same-day flower delivery or express flower delivery is popular even when sending funeral flowers. Be sure to have a photo of the actual flowers sent to you and approved before delivery. You should see how it will look when the family or funeral home receives it. If you can’t personally make it to the wake, sending funeral flowers is an acceptable gesture.

Can I send funeral flowers I arranged for myself?

Of course, you can use fresh cut flowers from your own garden. If you have a knack for arranging flowers, you can create your own floral arrangement to take to the funeral. You may also buy from a local flower shop or from a flower farm or market to create your own arrangement. Some florists may also send a DIY box with instructions on how to arrange the stems. Online videos and tutorials can also help you make your own tribute.

Can I send gifts in lieu of flowers?

As mentioned, some families opt to ask for charitable donations in lieu of flowers. Some people also do not like giving flowers at the funeral and instead desire to send a fruit basket, pastries, or a casserole instead. You may send your gifts to the family home or workplace instead of the funeral home.

How can I save money on funeral flowers?

If you often order flowers for various occasions from the same florist, you may get discounts from the flower retailer. Some florists also offer promotional discounts. Some funeral homes may recommend a florist but do know that the price can sometimes be more expensive than ordering from an online florist. Funeral homes often add fees and the florist will get a commission.

Do note that elaborate casket sprays can come with steep prices. Consider choosing simple sprays instead. Often, well-meaning friends and relatives will send funeral flowers to add to the decorations at the funeral home. Funeral flowers are often sent before visiting hours so you will already have decorations before guests arrive.

Consider making your own flower arrangement. You can save big bucks if you can do this. However, not all have the time and the creativity to make a floral arrangement even with the help of online tutorial videos. In some cases, you might be living long distance and can’t travel to be at the funeral service or the wake. When this happens, funeral flowers can save you more money than by physically being there.

Am I required to send funeral flowers?

One of the cheapest ways to send funeral flowers as a tribute is to send it as a group. You can send it as a family in the church, in a company, a school, or other workplaces. You can help minimize the expenses of the family with funeral flowers so they can just order casket sprays. If you are a member of the immediate family, consider footing the bill for the casket sprays. Children of the deceased who are now adults and working can take care of the expenses of casket sprays and standing sprays which can get costly.

Simple flower baskets, wreaths, and hand bouquets can also add warmth to the funeral home. Flowers can tell the family how much impact the deceased had on the lives of other people. It also provides decorations as well as pay your tribute to the deceased.

If the budget is tight, do not be compelled to send funeral flowers. If you can be there at the wake and funeral, your presence will be much appreciated by the family. If you can only bring a few stems from your garden and place them on the graveside, do not think less of yourself. It is a loving tribute and that is what counts.