How to ask people to pay for a funeral luncheon when the family has no money?

Before, the majority of people underestimate the cost and expenses in handling a funeral. However, recent times have shown that adults who are getting their first paycheck are now actually starting early in saving and availing of funeral packages. This is actually very good news because funeral expenses are getting higher and higher by the year. The awareness of early savings for a funeral may not have arrived for some people. Funeral expenses do not only cover the handling of the body as well as the burial plots, but it also includes funeral luncheon. While it is not really necessary, it has become a customary tradition for most people. A funeral luncheon affords families and friends the time to gather together and give each other some support, share some stories, and celebrate the life of a loved one. However, post-funeral receptions will definitely pinch your pocket. If you are intending to organize a luncheon after the funeral but cannot afford to do so, you can always ask for help. Many would definitely be willing to offer some of their services and help and there are methods and ways of asking them.

Ask and You Shall Receive

The very basic thing to do to raise money through donation is to ask. Here are ways in which you can ask people to contribute to the expenses.

  • When Sending an Invite – The most effective way to gain some funds for a funeral luncheon is that you do it when sending an invite. You could include it as a postscript in the email or the letter.
  • Personal call – You could also opt to call people personally and ask for a little donation. However, keep in mind that you are simply asking so do not put any pressure on the people you are calling.
  • Donation Box – You can also choose to place a donation box during the funeral luncheon. Although this will not guarantee that it will cover all the expenses, it will surely save some money from the family. In fact, when sending an invite, you could inform the mourners and the guests that a donation box will be placed during the funeral luncheon in which they could contribute by dropping off some money.
  • Volunteer – If you do not like the idea of asking around for money, you could always for a potluck. You could include in the invite a note about the funeral luncheon wherein the food will be brought by the guests. You could also opt to ask for volunteers so that you could make a count on how many foods will be available. Oftentimes, these mode of asking for donations are suitable especially if the deceased or the family of the deceased was involved in many organizations or church groups. Surely, the community will happily lend a helping hand for one of their fellow member’s need.
  • Funeral Fundraising – In times of dire need, you can also announce that you will be holding a funeral fundraising event. You can brainstorm with other volunteers on different ways to raise money such as making and launching a-go funds me page or by organizing a garage sale and sell some unused items.

What to Keep in Mind in Asking for Donations?

Earning money is already a hard thing to do that is why there are certain etiquettes and rules that you should follow so that you can actually encourage people to donate some of their hard earned money.

  • Let them be aware of the financial issues – Although many people would prefer that their financial status is kept in the dark if you are in need and you would want to ask some donation, it is best that you let them know about the family’s financial situation. Chances are, they are more likely to willingly donate their earnings when they know exactly what the family cannot simply afford a funeral luncheon.
  • Never ask for an exact amount – When asking for donations it is best that you do not indicate how much money you expect to obtain. Donations should be given at the free will of the giver and it would be a very cheap move to indicate that you expect a donation of at least $5 and up. Simply just write or say in your letter or invitation that any amount will be helpful to cover the expenses for the funeral.
  • Be Genuine – Many people are willing to give donations to someone who is genuine. You have to be authentic and sincere so as to invite people to contribute to the lessening of expenses. Try to focus your message on how the donation would help the family on their financial strain and let them know where their money is going towards.

Surely, losing a loved one is already a hard enough matter to deal with and adding financial troubles might put them in a more difficult place. That is why it is important to ask for help when the family is in need rather than succumb to an astounding debt. More so, you could also try to save some expenses that are not really necessary such cutting off a bit of the funeral flowers budget or preparing a less fancy funeral luncheon. Post-funeral receptions are not really even that necessary and you could actually not organize one. But, if you are really determined to have one, you could always ask for help and donations.