What Funeral Flowers Should You Send?

Attending a funeral can be very somber sometimes. Especially if you find yourself at a loss for words or even gestures of comfort for the grieving family. A nice sentiment would be to bring or send flowers. Sending flowers does not only honor the death of the person but it is also a comforting way to show the grieving family that they are not alone and that you, as the sender, are thinking of them. There are many kinds of funeral flowers you can choose from and sometimes, choosing the right one is as important as knowing where to send them.
There is what most florists call the funeral flower etiquette. This is where you learn how to treat the delicate situation or circumstance, appropriately. There are many instances that may affect the type of flower arrangement you should send. Make sure to think about it before you choose a flower arrangement.

A. Flower arrangement choices

I. Coworkers – you may not be close to everyone you work with, but when one of your coworkers die, this impacts the whole office. It is always important to attend the services for them, and to honor them with flower arrangements. It may be difficult but the best way to send flowers during these situations, would be by a group. You can choose between:

• Floor baskets
• Plants
• Standing Sprays or Funeral Flower Stand

II. Friends – Losing a friend would probably one of the hardest things you can experience in your lifetime. It is never an easy thing to go through, especially if you had been really close. If you are wondering what type of funeral flowers you should send to show your respect and sympathy for their family, you should not think too much as any type of flower arrangements would suit the funeral of a friend. You can choose from:

• Standing Sprays
• Funeral Hearts
• Small Table Arrangements

III. Family– Losing a family member is one of the most traumatic things one has to go through. If you had lost a family member, choosing flowers could get very specific. Flower arrangements would depend on the closeness of your relationship. Some Flower arrangements you might send are:
• Funeral Baskets
Condolence Wreaths
• Funeral Hearts

IV. Immediate Family– If you lose an immediate family member, you have to know that you can send any type of flower arrangement that you feel appropriate. Some funeral flowers you should consider are:
• Standing Sprays
• Funeral Hearts
• Casket Sprays

B. Other things you could do to help a grieving loved one or friend

Sometimes, sending someone funeral flowers may not be enough to show how much you sympathize or care about the grieving family. There are many other ways you can do or show how you are there for them, especially in their time of need. Just remember to not make false promises when doing these things, or to make the grieving party dependent on you for support for you do not plan for it to run a long time.

During these times, people tend to be vulnerable and lost. Sometimes, it takes longer for most to recover from the lost of a loved one. The hardest losses are those that come unexpected and you should be more mindful and sensitive about what you do or say around them. Below are some things you can consider helping someone who has a hard time accepting or letting go:

a. Seek Counsel – If you are close to this person, it is always okay to advise them to seek medical counsel. It is never an easy thing to accept or recover from a loss as it is one of the most painful things humans have to endure. The mortality of life. That is why it is important to help your friends or loved ones seek medical help especially if the loss they have experienced leads them to depression.
b. Make your presence more available– Although this may be hard for some people as there are many factors that would prevent them from being there all the time, a visit from time to time is actually enough. You can even send them a text from time to time and remind them how they are not alone and that you are thinking of them.
c. Try to act normal – Try to act as normal as you can without making it seem like they did not just go through something difficult. It is always a good idea to not be a reminder of the negativity and to try and uplift their spirits. Do not stop inviting them to dinners, to night outs and other occasions you may have planned because you think they would not want to go. Regardless if they go or not, you should never make them feel isolated because of what they are going through.
d. Help them– In any way you can. It may be a simple or small gesture like helping them with their grocery shopping or watching over their kids when you have off time from work or even just buying something they need when they do not feel like going out of the house. It is usually the little things that matter most and the hardest to do when someone is grieving.
Be sensitive and aware of everything around you that may trigger the grief of the person who had lost someone. Remember to be patient around them as some tend to act out because of their grief.