Graduation Gift Flowers Ideas For Him

Graduation is a milestone in every individual’s life which calls for a celebration.  It indicates the beginning of the new way in the life of a graduate. And, such a special day call for a special party.  No celebration is complete without flowers, and gifting flowers on the graduation day to your beloved conveys your overwhelming joy and happiness on their success. Be it a birthday, wedding,  or winning a trophy in a significant game, flowers create the right ambience while conveying the sentiments, rightfully to the recipient of the flowers.

He may be your nephew, son, brother, friend, your better half or anyone else close to you, and congratulating them on their success with a floral graduation gift will convey your message ideally. You may be wondering, is it okay to gift a man with a bouquet to congratulate them on their success? Of course, it is.  The idea is to send him the message that you admire him and is happy at his success, and there is no better way to let him know your emotions other than a bouquet.


What if you are not in town on the day of the graduation ceremony?

There is nothing to worry about if you are out of station on the day of the graduation ceremony. You can also send fresh flower to the graduate’s house on the day on his graduating ceremony receiving a bouquet of bright, vibrant and energetic flowers will cheer him up, boosting his confidence right before the event. Also, your message, virtual presence and love will always be a part of his cherishable memories of graduation and the bouquet sent is a token for the same.


When to give the flowers, if you are in town?

Consider presenting him with the bouquet right after the graduating event ends and just before all his friends surround him. Your bold bouquet will stand out in the crowd. It is a sweet gesture to wish him all the best for his bright future and that you honour your friendship with him. Different flowers and their colours included have a different symbolic meaning, but all flowers together have a common language. That is the language of happiness and spreading joy.


What if you are only attending his graduation party?

In case, for some reason, you cannot be at his graduation ceremony. You can present him with the bouquet, your love and congratulate him on his graduation during the party. A bouquet which depicts that you wish him all the wealth, prosperity and success for his future, is a great idea.

There are several bouquets ideas you can choose from, depending on your relationship with the graduate. It is not necessary that you have to buy an expensive gift item for his graduation; it is the emotions that count, and not the price. And, flowers are a perfect choice, when it comes to expressing your feelings and emotions to anyone.

A unique mix of roses: A bouquet which has a unique blend of roses is the ideal bouquet for his graduation. Roses are classic and timeless. There is not a single soul who will dent the fact that they love roses, irrespective of their gender. While white roses symbolize purity and innocence and yellow roses stand for friendship. If you are gifting the bouquet to your best friend, a combination of yellow and white roses will be perfect, expressing your adoration of your friendship and the purity of your relationship. Depending on the relationship you have with the graduate, you can be creative and mix and match to create a unique graduation bouquet for him.

Orchids: If you are gifting your boyfriend a bouquet, consider purple orchids for the same. Purple orchids will ideally convey your admiration and respect you have for him while your happiness on his graduation. You can add yellow orchids very creatively as yellow orchids symbolize new beginnings and joy. Orchids, in general, symbolize longevity, but orchids bloom in a wide variety of colours, ranging from pastel shades to bright and vivid colours.

Boutonniere: If the graduate is some very close to you, you can present him with a Boutonniere, for his formal jacket or the graduating gown. A boutonniere is a single blossom or a bunch of small flowers which the graduate pins on the left lapel of his formal jacket of graduation gown.  You can choose a colour palette that compliments the colour of his school or match it with his graduation gown. Or, it can be a single white or a red rose. Roses perfectly symbolize the balance between wisdom, clarity, purity and love. Presenting him with a boutonniere is also very symbolic, that you are close to his heart, even during the ceremony, as it is on the graduation gown of the formal jacket.

Favourite flower: it is a wrong notion that men do not love flowers. Men like flowers and admire them as much as women do. How can anyone not enjoy the beauty and the purity the flowers add to the environment, not to mention the positive vibes it adds. So if your graduate has a favourite flower, customize a unique graduation bouquet for him. Be creative and add in some ferns and create a personalized bouquet which will convey your feeling and spoken words. You can choose to write a handwritten note and send it along with the bouquet.

Graduation is one of those life-changing events in an individual’s life, which is hard to forget. Be a part of his celebrations and share the joy. You will always be a part of his cherishable graduation memories, and your message will always stay with him. Incorporate any particular fragrance he like with the bouquet as our memory associated with smell lasts longer than one can anticipate. Paying attention to details will only highlight the fact that you care deeply and is always there through his transformation phase. You can also choose in personalize a bouquet that solely comprises of his favourite flowers, ferns, and fragrance.