How Much Money to Give for Graduation Gift in Singapore?

Graduation season is just around the corner and majority of you might be invited into these ceremonies.

Although it is quite exciting to get an invitation to these parties at the same time it is also quite overwhelming when you are actually trying to decide that how much money you want to give to the graduate as a gift.

Although you want to give a monitorial gift to your friend on their graduation you already have the extra doctor bill, you just had an emergency family trip out of the town and also just yesterday you bought a birthday present for a loved one.

There are certain things you need to know while giving cash to your graduate friends. Of course, you are not supposed to be extravagant and honestly, they also don’t expect that from you.

Just give them whatever you can with a heartfelt written note and they will certainly love this gesture from you.

As a general rule below is the amount you should give depending upon the degree.

  • If the graduate is a high school graduate then you can give $20-50 and that also depends on your relationship with the graduate. If you are not so close then give $20-25 and if the graduate is close to you then make it around $50.
  • If the graduate is a college graduate then give around $100-150
  • And if it’s a college graduate and also a best friend of yours then make it $120-130.

Of course this is not a standard amount you can give depending upon how much you afford and also your relationship with the graduate.


Guidelines for monetary gifts

Like I said before there is no particular amount that is appropriate for such gifts but below are some of the guidelines from some very expert people that will help you to make the choice and make things easier for you.


Gifts for middle school

Ok so point to note about middle school graduation ceremony is that it doesn’t get the much-needed hype as college or high school graduation.

But there are students who send invitations to all their friends and family announcing that they are done with middle school and now headed to the next phase of their life.

So in that case it is expected especially from the elders like parents or grandparents to give them something like money in order to acknowledge their success and appreciate their hard work.

Giving movie passes or spa sessions is a very acceptable gift to the middle school graduates but if you want to give cash then $10-30 is enough money for them.


Money for high school graduates

Graduating from high school is a very memorable moment both for the graduate as well as for the family. Therefore all the closed ones including friends and family end up giving more gifts than ever in order to make the occasion even more special for the graduate.

It is said that most people like to give money on high school graduation and parents are the ones who spend a lot on this occasion.

Although again the amount varies to your relationship with the graduate but the amount can range:

  • Siblings and best friends can give $20-75
  • Parents end up giving more money and it can be $100 or even more
  • Grandparents also fall in the category of high spenders so they give $70-100.

Giving monitorial gift to college graduates

The fact is graduating from a college is quite a big deal and that is why most of the people do think that whether or not they should spend a lot of money in order to make the graduate feel special.

It is stated through various studies that most people spend $100-500 on college graduates. If the program is 2-4 years then normally $50-100 is absolutely an appropriate amount for the parents as well as for the elder siblings.

So in case of college graduation close relatives like parents, grandparents and aunts can give $150-200 a close friend if he/she can afford can give $50-70 and other co-workers or not so close friends can give like $30.


What is the perfect art of giving money?

When you finally decide that you want to give money as a graduation gift then you have to make sure that you do it in the right way. Make sure that you don’t just give a wad of money while in their gown or cap.

So try to be a little creative and put the money in a card with a very emotional message. Also don’t give any gift at the graduation ceremony because there are high chances that the graduate might lose it in the hustle.

So you need to wait until you get back home and meet them personally so just congratulate them and hand over the gift.

Some creative cash gifts for graduates

If you want to give cash as a gift then below are some of the very creative ideas to present them.

  • You can make a paper money blooms out of the amount that you have
  • You can also blow up balloons with the cash inside them
  • You can make money tree out of the cash
  • Give them calendar with cash taped to each month
  • You can stick money with supplies like a holder, notebook or pencil

Giving money on graduation is one of the best ideas with lot more creative potentials. You can do a lot of unique things with your money. The graduate will love the gift and the way you present the cash amount will be remembered forever.

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