How Should you Present Graduation Flowers?

Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give to somebody. These are perfect for every occasion like if you want to express your feelings to someone you love just send a beautiful bouquet of flowers and your message will be received instantly.

Likewise, if you want to wish someone the best of luck then at that time too just send a meaningful bouquet of flowers and again your gesture will be appreciated instantly.

So if your loved ones have just graduated from school, college or university and you want to wish them all luck and want to acknowledge their accomplishments then these are the perfect choice for you.

So now that you know about the benefits of sending graduation flowers as a gift then the next thing is what flowers you should send. So below are some of the flowers that make the perfect graduation gifts:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Daisies
  • Carnations
  • Sunflowers

These are a perfect choice because not only these flowers are beautiful and have radiating colors but at the same time, these flowers signify love, prosperity, hope and success.

So if you send meaningful flowers then the graduate will instantly realize that not only you remembered their big day but also you put a lot of time and energy into the gift selection so at that time your gift will be remembered forever.

Once you finalize the flower type as well the next thing that you should think about and that is also quite important is that how you should present the flowers to the fresh graduate so that he/she will fall in love with the gift instantly.

So below are some of the tips that will help you to impress the graduate by putting a little bit of energy and time into the presentation of the flowers.

Combine different flower types and colors

It depends on personal choice if you want to go for only one type of flower and color then it is perfectly ok.

But if you want to enhance the presentation and want to give the flowers a very unique touch then all you have to do is just get few types of flowers like roses, sunflowers and tulips and arrange them all in a bouquet form.

Once you are done with the arrangement then the next thing just tie the flowers together with the help of a colorful ribbon and just send them over.

By looking at the different types of flowers the graduate will smile instantly and each of the flowers in the bouquet will do its magic and create an overall positive vibe.

Put the flowers in a vase

This is another important tip that will help you beautify the floral presentation. By sending flowers with a vase you are basically doing two things not only you are sending beautiful flowers to wish them luck but once the shelf life of the flowers is over they can use the vase for other purposes.

Like they can put it in their living room and make it part of their interior design. You can either buy a clear transparent vase or you can go for colorful ones.

It completely depends on your personal choice but I would suggest going for transparent ones because they go well with any interior design.

Send a handwritten note

Ok so this one is the most important thing. A handwritten note is something that is always welcomed anywhere and anytime.

So if you want to make the occasion even more special and memorable for the graduate then send a handwritten note as well. In this note just write about how proud you are and wish them all the luck.

Trust me by doing just this you will make their day and they will be so happy to see that they have so supportive and loving people around and you are one of them.

Add chocolates to the bouquet

This is also another important tip that will help you to enhance the presentation of your flowers. Don’t just send the flowers alone just put some chocolates inside the bouquet or along with the vase.

Graduation is a moment of celebration so what better way to do that other than celebrating it with chocolates. Just ask about their favorite chocolates and if you cannot figure out what the graduate loves then it is ok.

Just buy any famous chocolates and put them inside the bouquet and surprise them and make them smile on their big day.

Add a note of what the flowers represent

Before sending the flowers just write a short note of what the flowers represent. A lot of people don’t know that flowers are lot more than just pretty blooms. Each flower signifies something important and no two flowers are the same.

So in order to tell them what the flowers represent just add a note telling them the flowers represent wealth, luck and bright future by doing so little you are actually adding a lot more meaning to the flowers.

And when the graduate will know that how meaningful they are then trust me they will keep them close to their heart and in that way the overall presentation of the flowers are also enhanced.

Add some pictures inside

Ok this may sound a little extra but the idea is to let the graduate that how special they are right? So in order to do that just add some pictures of the graduate inside the bouquet and behind each photo write something meaningful.

This will instantly make the graduate smile and your creativity and thoughtfulness will be appreciated on the spot.

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