How to Write Graduation Invitations?

Graduation invitation is somehow much more than just printing the date, time and venue on the card and sending them over to people.

You need to use the proper etiquettes that are required for writing the letter, the right tone for the letter and also being direct and brief are some of the key points that you need to remember.

If any of these points are missing from your graduation letter then it will not be as effective as it should be. So be price but effective at the same time.

If you want to write a graduation letter but are confused about what to write and how to make it effective then in this blog I will let you know about all the tricks that will help you to write an effective letter.

So let’s start!!


What to include in the letter?

The purpose of the graduation party is to request someone to be a part of your celebrations and the ceremony.

There are many institutions that limit the number of participants a graduate can actually invite so at that time graduates throw a party in order to celebrate the moments with their friends and family.

So while writing the invitation letters it is very important to use proper wording and clear language so the guests would know about the purpose of writing the letters.

No matter what type and style of celebrations there are few logistics that must be included whether you are creating a college graduation party invitations or high school party invitations.

You must need to include the following information on the party invitations:

  • Full Name
  • High school/college/university name
  • The year of graduation
  • The date, venue and time of the graduation party
  • Honors or degree if they are applicable


Wording style of the graduation invitation

While choosing the language of the letter you must be very careful because it sets the overall tone of the letter. So just take a few moments and then decide on the wording style and its tone.

Think about the graduation party formality that whether you have chosen any theme for the party, the graduation degree as well as your own personal preference.

So just make sure and finalize the theme of the graduation party and then fit the tone of the invitation to match.

For instance, if you are planning to have a BBQ party then the tone of the invitation should be spontaneous. But if you are planning to have some sort of a fancy dinner party then try to be as formal as possible.


Invitation wordings for high school graduation

Most of the graduation parties of high school s are quite informal in nature which means that there is no such obligations, guests can arrive anytime and can wear whatever they are comfortable in.

So at that time, the tone of the invitation will also be informal. You can use the high school party ideas to take inspiration for your invitation letter.

Below are some of the wording styles that will help you to compose the invitation letter:


Try to be conversational

Use casual wordings in the invitation letters and try to keep the overall focus of the letter on the excitement that you have for the celebration.

You can do this by asking yourself how you would invite one person if he/she was sitting right in front of you.


Try to be brief and specific

The most important thing to note when writing a graduation invitation is that the invitation is written in order to share some important info.

So try to keep it brief and just share the pertinent details first then go further. You can do that by adding an intro sentence like a celebration of high school grad which is then followed by details of time, date and venue. And lastly include a good farewell sentence.


Try to be graphic

As there is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words so why not include a picture and convey the message clearly and also creatively?

By using a photo you can elevate the invitation and also you can warm the recipient’s hearts who are already proud of your overall struggles and journey as well.

You can add a picture of the graduate with family or friends or pictures of the grad through various life stages. You also have the option to add a collage if you cannot finalize any picture.


Invitation wordings for college grads

College graduation is basically a step closer to adulthood there the invitation for college graduation parties is a little bit formal as compared to the high school invitations.

You can use the college graduation ideas to take inspiration for the wordings of the invitation letter. Below are some of the things that you need to remember while writing college graduation party invitations.


Try to be precise about all your accomplishments

College graduation is also the conclusion of all other achievements like athletics, academic achievements and athletics along with other things that are worth mentioning. So tell the recipient about those achievements by mentioning them briefly.


Try to be traditional

You can use the proper college graduation invitation wordings in your invitation letters. You can use proper titles, the full name of the host and graduate. Try to avoid any contractions and don’t use abbreviations.


Keep in mind the theme

If your graduation party has a theme then make sure that the wordings also reflect the theme. By doing so, the guests will get the idea and match their dressing with the party theme.

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