What is a Graduation Party?

What is a Graduation Party?

A graduation party is a day of celebration of the most important and significant moment in your lifetime.

As a graduate, you want to have a blast on this day and if you are a parent and your child is a graduate then you want your kid to remember this day for the years to come.

For the perfect grad party, a lot of planning is done starting from the food, to the theme to the venue you want everything must up to the mark and if no proper planning is one then it can be a complete disaster.

So if you want to cover all the requirements and necessities for the party, then try to have a very basic checklist.


How to Plan a Graduation Party?

Finalize the date

It is often recommended to set the date just three or even six months prior to the actual day. So you can start informing your friends and family about the date so that they can save the date and join you on that day.

Most high and middle school students graduate by the end of the month so you can plan an early June party. Another thing you need to know is that parents with younger kids plan weekend summer gateways so the earlier you plan the better it is.

The college graduation party can be scheduled as early as May. But if the graduate is enrolled in summer classes in order to complete the degree then you can think about the august graduation party.


Allocate a budget for the party

Apart from the wedding, this can be one of the most expensive parties that are planned for the graduates by their family so set a dollar amount and try to stick with the budget.



Venue selection

It is completely ok if you want to throw the party at your house but try to accommodate all the participants with enough seating.

You can place tents outside with some additional seating and it will not only provide enough space but at the same time, it will look good as well.

If you don’t have enough chairs and tables then ask around the schools and churches if they are renting such services, the good thing is if you are a member of any of these then you can get a discount as well.



You should send invitation cards when the date of the party approaches near. Before writing the invitations please know that the invitation to the graduation party is different than any other invitation.

You need to be precise and brief and provide all the details like date, time and venue of the part on the invitation card.


Theme of the graduation party

The theme of the party must be chosen in the very early stages of party planning. By putting some extra effort you can easily match the decorations, invitations and also type of food to the overall theme of the party.

Some of the popular graduation party themes are Western-themed; sports theme etc. for younger kids like high school grads pizza party is a very fun idea. Other themes like Mexican themed parties are also quite common.



Once you finalize the theme then afterward you can decide the menu of the party. For instance, if the theme of the party is a baseball-themed grad party then you can have ballpark food. Don’t forget to fill some bowls with peanuts and also there must be some jars of cracker jacks.



For desserts, your top priority must be desserts or sweets. You can make a personalized cake by telling the baker about the design of your cake.

For younger crowds, cake pops and also cupcakes are some of the best choices. If you want to be a little extra then you must consider chilled crepes loaded with fruits.

These desserts can be made way ahead of the actual date and time and they can be taken out of the fridge when required.



Apart from the common choices like streamers and balloons, photo walls are now trending. This is a fun and also easy process. All you have to do is, just take out your kid’s photos from the time of birth to this very day.

Get some inspirations from the internet and be creative about the arrangement of the pictures on the wall. By doing so you are also giving a chance to the family and friends to cherish the old moments. Instead of placing individual photos you also have the option to go for a collage.

Below are some of the fun graduation party ideas that you can actually try at your home.


Photo wreath

Here you can fix some of your most favorite pictures with the wreath form. And to decorate it you can add some ribbons and glitters. All the guests will instantly know that they are at the right place by just looking at the masterpiece.


Balloons superlatives

This balloon superlative will actually look great and if you want to add more beauty then you can also attach your Polaroid photos with the balloons.


Chocolate graduation cap cake

This creative cake will surely help you to make an impression and impress all the guests at the party. And the best thing about this cake is it is quite easy to make.


Guest book games

So if you want to do something exciting at the graduation party then you must need to skip the very boring notebooks. Rather you can ask all the participants to sign Jenga blocks and these are so cool that the graduates can actually keep them.