10 Best Office Plants for your Desk

If you think that there is more procrastinating rather than productivity in your office, then maybe its time for you to take a break or change up the atmosphere. Most people nowadays are so busy, they even miss meals just to get the job done. But if you do your research right, working late hours in an environment that does not help but stress you out, can lead to health problems and sometimes even death. Of course, there are many ways to keep your working environment stress-free or more relaxing.

One of these methods is to put a little life into your workspace. Like an office plant. A touch of nature has been proven to create a more calming environment and reduces stress and anxiety in most people. That is why it is always a good idea to create an atmosphere where not only you can thrive, but also plants. There are many office plants available that would suit your taste and style and would still keep your office professional looking. Some of these plants are not only good because they help reduce stress, but they are also easy to maintain and do not need much care and attention. They would definitely thrive on your desk almost on their own.

10 Best office plants you can choose from

These are the top choices by people when it comes to decorating their working space. It is proven to help them stay relaxed and focused as these plants are not that distracting and are low-maintenance. Choose from any of these plants to spice up your workplace and have a more productive environment in no time.

-One of the most common and easiest plants to take care of. These plants are a trend these days because they are aesthetically pleasing and do not need that much care and attention. They only need to be watered at least once a week, so you do not have to worry about them in addition to everything you need to do for work.

• Jade Plants
– These plants are perfect for any office because they only need an average amount of sunlight every day. They can be placed anywhere in your office, as long as they can soak up sun for a few hours. You do not have to water these plants all the time and they would definitely look cute on your desk.

• Aloe Vera
– You may be familiar with this plant as it is known for its healing capabilities of cuts and burns. They are also known to be good for the skin. Other than telling you the air around you are not clean, these plants are easy to take care of and need water every other week.

• Air Plants
– These plants are the best because aside from the fact that they do not even need soil to survive, you only need to water them every 10 days. A good plant to start with if you are just beginning to take care of office plants.

• Spider Plants
– These plants do not like direct sunlight so you can place them in dark corners of your office to add a bit of life and they will still thrive. These plants also need water every after a few days or until they have completely dried out.

• Snake Plants
– Another low-maintenance plant that can survive in the dim lit spaces and even dryness. They are the perfect plant for anyone who is too busy to even water them but still want something to brighten and thrive inside his or her workspace.

– While this plant is well known for being strong and even fed to panda’s, these plants are also very good things to have around the office. They are known to bring luck and needs little to no light.

– You forgot to water your plants? With these cute little plants, you do not have to run back to the office to check if they are still alive and thriving. They store water in their thick leaves. They enjoy the sun, so make sure to place them somewhere where they can bathe in it.

• English Ivy
– These vines would typically need watering in the first few months of its growth. When it is already old enough, they can thrive on their own with little to now water and prefer cool spaces. It is perfect for those chilly offices that you can’t help but bring a jacket with you.

– If you want the benefit, but not the commitment, then these plants are for you. They thrive even if you neglect them. They can grow even without water for many days and still remain looking lively and bright.

Having plants in the offices has proven to be very effective in making a healthy and productive atmosphere. Not only does it clean the air that you breathe but it also provides the employees something to look at when they need to unwind and just not focus on their work for a bit. This creates a light and natural vibe in the workplace and would definitely help with production. It would definitely be a win-win situation for you and your employees. Of for you and your boss. A happy workplace is a good workplace.