How to Make a Cactus Garden?

Cactus plants are better known for its symbolism as the plant of endurance. This can be a perfect gift to someone who has been going through tough times because it sends a great message to be determined to endure the rigors of life. It can also adapt to any environment because of its living conditions in the desert. This plant is low maintenance so it does not require special attention so they are easy to grow in the backyard. It is a member of the succulent plant which means it can store water in its stem, leaves, and roots. Due to its ability to store water for a very long time, it can live for over a year even without pouring water on it.

Although this is not a common gift during Valentine’s Day, people are using them as gifts for other occasions like birthday. It doesn’t take a lot of space in the backyard so it can be put indoor or outdoor. Since they are easy to grow, you have to know what you are doing with the plant. For example, too much water for cacti will actually ruin the plant. So you need to know the basics of this plant. But if are interested in how to make a cactus garden, you may check this list out.

First thing you have to do is learn about the different varieties of cactus. For example, Barrel Cactus. They are barrel-shaped cactus and they have a yellow flower on top. However, they grow in the south direction unlike other species of cactus. But if you want a strong and sturdy type of cactus, you may want to pick Totem Pole Cactus. However, they are an expensive type of cactus as compared to other species. Prickly Pear Cactus, on the other hand, have rounded stems. It has fruits on it that are edible and they are red in color. There are actually a lot of species of cactus that you can find, you may wish to hire an online florist to help you pick which cactus you prefer based on your location and on type of environment that you have.

After you pick which type of cactus species you want to grow, you may now proceed to plan your space. You have to decide where you want to put your cactus indoor or outdoor. Since cactus are know for their desert living conditions, you may want it to grow outdoor. It is best for people living in dry and tropical places. If you pick to grow an outdoor cactus garden, make sure there is an ample amount of sunlight outside. Choose an area in your backyard when it is slightly sloped so that the water is properly drained. However, when you choose to grow it indoors, make sure to check if there are infected roots and stems on the plant because they are prone to diseases. Place it in a spot indoor where it can still get a little amount of sunlight.

Then the next step is assembling the bed for your cactus. Making a cactus bed is easy since cactus plants are easy to maintain and does not require an articulated soil bed. But the downside is that it can be really painful if you get a contact with its spines. The cactus bed should be at least 15 inches deep to enable the plant store more water. You can choose to put it in a container. You can also put rocks or pebbles before putting the soil as this will help the cactus plant absorb and drain the water. A florist online is selling soil that you can use for your cactus garden.

Then after you put the rocks and soil on the container bed, you can now put the cactus inside. If there are varieties of cactus that you want to put inside, make sure to plant them on the soil and space out any color cacti. Make sure to clean them first before putting them inside. Cut all the dead or infected stems as this will affect the survival tactic of the plant. Use only sterile tools if you are going to cut the infected ones. After you have arranged the cactus inside the container, it is now the time to cover the top of the soil of tiny rocks or pebbles. If you want, you put more decoration around your container to enhance the aesthetics of your cactus garden. You can make as many containers of cactus plan that you want to create a variety of cactus on your little garden.

The only thing to remember in maintaining your cactus garden is that whether it’s indoor or outdoor, cactus need enough sunlight to grow and survive. Although they only need a minimal amount of care as compared to other plants, it needs at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. Best florist Singapore would advise that the best thing to on your cacti plant is to let them grow as natural as possible. Do not put too much water on them as this will only clog the plant.