10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents to Plant

Looking at the beautiful flowers in your garden can be one of the best ways for you to start the morning. Flowers can help uplift your mood whenever you feel gloomy. But aside from the traditional flowers, it can also be very interesting and rewarding for you to try taking care of flowering succulents. Flowering succulents are becoming popular with gardeners because of its immense beauty. Aside from the stunning looks of these flowers, there are still lots of things that you will love about flowering succulents. These flowers are resistant to drought, have a long lifespan, and can be perfect for decorations.

Flowering Succulents that You Should Have at Home

The beauty of flowering succulents easily captures the heart of people. So, if ever that you wanted to have these flowering plants at home, then here are some of the most beautiful flowering succulents that you can grow at home for an added appeal.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be one of the popular flowering succulents that you can easily see around you. In fact, it is normally used to calm the skin when you get a sunburn. During summer, this plant produces flowers in gold color while some have white to red flowers. On the other hand, when these plants are grown at home, they can hardly produce bigger blooms instead of long stalks that have floral mounds come out on top.

2. Echeveria

Echeveria originated from Mexico and belongs to the Echeveria family. They are drought resistant and perfect for those people who don’t have a green thumb. There is no need for you to worry about seeing this plant grow and flower because you can be assured that it will live even if you don’t have any experience in gardening. The leaves of Echeveria are rosette in shape that appears to be a flower. Pink Echeveria normally flowers in summer and late spring. Echeveria loves warm climates however if you are living in a place with a cold climate, then you can simply grow this succulent inside your house.

3. Prickly Pear Cactus

This succulent feature paddle-shaped leaves that can be grown anywhere. It blooms during late spring and summer that are available in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, and pink. You would also feel excited when these flowers turn into sweet fruits that you can use to create jams.

4. Hedgehog Cactus

It may not be that attractive if you’ll see this succulent not in bloom because it is just barely straight. However, during summer, you can see these succulent produce pink flowers that measure six inches in diameter. You’ll definitely appreciate the effort of growing this plant.

5. Jade Plant

This is an old type of houseplant that has been grown all over the world. In fact, it is an easy-to-grow plant perfect for beginners. The plant has slick and glossy leaves which are native to South Africa. You might not be aware that this plant produces flowers. Jade plants have star-shaped blooms however, you don’t have to expect it to flower every year. This plant needs to store enough amount of energy for it to flower. It normally blooms in early winter and rarely last long. If you want to maintain the beauty of your jade plant, it is advisable for you to prune the areas that turned brown. Make sure to check its stem and flowers.

6. Crown of Thorns

This succulent plant is known for its spiky branches that could produce flowers year-round. However, if you want to make this happen you have to make sure that it can acquire enough light. Crown of Thorns has broad and bright red petals with flat leaves that come out from its formidable stem. It is advisable that you place this succulent near the window where it can get too much light for it to flower.

7. Christmas Cactus

One of the favorites when it comes to flowering succulents is the Christmas Cactus. Its jagged leaves make this plant recognizable aside from the fact that it looks different compared to other succulent plants. With its name, this plant is expected to bloom at Christmas. For those who are planning to plant this succulent indoor, they have to place it in a well-lit area and water the plant once the soil is dry. If provided with enough care, then you can enjoy looking at this succulent flower every year.

8. Moon Cactus

This plant is known for producing flowers in colors pink, yellow, and orange. Because cactus doesn’t demand water, you have to keep the soil unsaturated. This plant appears to be unique because of its single stalk that produces a bright bulb.

9. Orchid Cactus

One tough succulent plant that could grow up to 10 inches tall is the orchid cactus. When growing this plant, you have to provide it with enough light and potassium fertilizer. You don’t have to expect the plant to flower in its first two years however this plant creates flower on its own.

10. Carrion Cactus

This flowering succulent is also known as the starfish flower. Its flowers have five-point blooms. The flower of this plant really looks beautiful however, the scent is somewhat disappointing. Its blooms are normally red in color. To achieve its maximum growth, you have to keep the plant well-drained, yet you have to keep the soil moist which is a bit different compared to growing other succulent plants.