10 Bridal Shower Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Bridal shower is intended to shower the bride with so much love and thoughtfulness as she begins a new chapter in her life. With closest friends and family surrounding her, this day will really be something special and memorable. There is a wide option if you want to make the bridal shower an event that the guests will love. More than just the gifts and foods, here are 10 bridal shower ideas that you may want to consider to celebrate the soon-to-be-bride and her coming marriage:


  1. Start with the Coolest Invitation

Inviting guests can be more fun by sending and distributing the coolest invitation cards for the party. If you are the bride and you are the one who organized the party, you may also include the invitation as one of the memorabilia of your event. The design does not have to be too extravagant and so do the materials to use for the invitation. A simple but creative one will surely attract the guests.


  1. Create a Stunning Set of Decorations

The decorations in the venue make the event more eye-catching and memorable to the celebrant and also to the guests. You can have the table decorated with ruffles and laces or with flowers and balloons. Customized banners can be decorated on the wall or on the front view of the table. When it comes to color, motif, or theme, you have the option to take advantage of the motif of the wedding or the color of the year, aside from the bride’s favorite color.


  1. Choose Unique Party Favors

Bridal shower party favors are usually in classic candles, key chains, or heart-shaped frames. If you want something unique, you may want to give a lip gloss or nail polish or a miniature bridal bouquet to the guests. A pair of slippers or a small pouch would also do, especially if you have them printed with customized tags and prints. For the party favors, you may also choose to give cake in a jar or dessert in a jar. There are various ideas for out-of-the-box party favors that every guest will love to have.


  1. Add a Colorful Cake Table

Guests will love to see various colors in the party, especially if you include the colors that match the wedding’s motif and theme. Usually, the cake table is decorated with pink and blush colors. For a gorgeous rustic design, you can also add peach and yellow or silver and gold. Depending on the wedding theme or on the chosen style, it is always attractive to have different colors on the table.


  1. Plan the Food to Serve and When to Serve

If the party is a whole day event, it is a great idea to plan the foods to serve on specific time. If guests commit to arrive a little earlier before lunch time, there should be some snacks on the table, and for those guests who are coming over at lunch time, another set of meals should be placed on the table. Coffee and tea can also be included in the list of food and drinks so that guests will have choices.


  1. Create a Solid Backdrop

Using fresh or silk flowers or even paper flowers in creating a solid backdrop is wonderful. Flowers will always make the event more attractive and lovely. It could on a wall or in one corner of the room or it can be in a large frame where flowers can be arranged in such a stunning design. Each guest will surely love taking pictures with the flower wall as the backdrop.


  1. Offer the Flowers as One of the Favors

All the guests will love taking home party favors. If you think that all these flowers will only dry and wilt in your room, offering them to guests as one of your party favors is a sure win. You can have a table for the bouquets of flowers and have a signage that tells your guests that each of them can take one or two on their way home.


  1. Setup the Mood for Activities

Setup the mood for activities by having a corner or table where objects or materials are stacked up. You may also stack up the prizes in one corner and let the guests see what they might get once they win the game. This will excite the guests to participate in the activity.


  1. Encourage the Guests to Leave Their Own Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Prepare a set of blank papers and a simple but adorable recipe box where guests can write their own recipe or secret for a happy marriage. Even single ladies who have something to write may do so. It is an activity that the guests would love to do because each of them has her own favorite recipe or advice to share the bride-to-be.


  1. Encourage Everyone to Share a Gift

To complete the wonderful event of showering the bride with happy memories before settling down in life, do not forget the bridal shower gifts. Each one is definitely excited to hand the gift personally picked and selected for the bride. It is not only the guests who love to give gifts on bridal shower, even the celebrant or the bride-to-be is excited to open each wrapped box of gifts. Make sure that you have a place in the room where these exciting gifts can be stacked throughout the event.