12 Charming Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Flowers

A bride’s wedding flower is the second most important part of the wedding next to her wedding dress. It must conform to the theme and color of the dress. Flowers are an important aspect of weddings aside from the fact that they are part of the tradition already. Picking the right flowers to use for the wedding is a daunting task. You have to consider a lot of factors like your budget, finding a good wedding florist you can work with. There are also a lot of flowers to choose and deciding which one to pick can be overwhelming. You can cooperate with the reputable florist to help you with the task. But if you want to add a bit of your personal taste on your wedding flowers, you can check these 12 charming ways to do it.

  1. Include your name on your bridal bouquet.

If you want to make your wedding flower more memorable, include your name on it. It’s a beautiful way of injecting a personal touch on it. Ask your florist how you can come up with a design that you can put on your wedding flowers.

  1. Put a bling on it.

It doesn’t have to be something enormous or gigantic. It could be a piece of sentimental jewelry or perhaps a family heirloom that has been long hidden in your grandmother’s jewelry box.

  1. Pay tribute to a special loved one.

Think of someone that could not attend your wedding because he or she has already departed in this world, you can include his or her small picture to be put around the handle of your bridal bouquet.

  1. Put some accessories.

Apart from a piece of jewelry or a family heirloom, you can put accessories such as jewelry pins, crystals, a string of pearls, or even a brooch that you and your family own since time immemorial. It will make your wedding flower even more extravagant and it is also a great piece of attraction.

  1. Plant your own wedding flowers.

If you are the type who likes to DIY stuff, then this is the perfect way to personalize even more your wedding flowers. Research which flowers seasonably bloom and sort it out. Make sure you plan ahead of time because some flowers may take too long to grow as compared to others. Once you have worked on it, start planting your own flowers on your backyard or you could ask someone to do the planting for you if you don’t have enough time. Just make sure to monitor it from time to time to avoid unnecessary delays. Or perhaps you can ask a flower delivery to help you plant your own wedding flowers.

  1. Include your heritage.

Choose a flower or flowers that will best represent your background. If you come from a family that has a long-standing tradition, then you can include or incorporate that in your wedding flowers. For example, if you have and Irish descent, you can include a horseshoe pin in your bouquet.

  1. Step up by putting a gradient effect on your bouquet.

Choose flowers that have hues of pink and white like ranunculus, sweet peas, garden roses, and stock flowers. The florist has a lot of varieties of flowers that you can choose from. They also offer same day flower delivery.

  1. Put ribbons.

Your wedding flowers will surely look elegant and classy. Choose a ribbon that matches the color of your wedding flowers. After that, you can bind the flower stem with a rubber band to hold the ribbon and stems together. If you want to save you from the hassle of tying them, you can always hire a florist in Singapore.

  1. Add a wild looking bouquet.

You can fill it with a natural texture or a succulent. You can always accent your hand bouquet with some greenery to keep it fresh looking and natural.

  1. Accent the flowers with dried Lavender.

Lavender is known to have a soothing scent and beautiful appeal. Wedding flowers don’t necessarily have to be grand and make a statement, a simply posy bouquet with dried lavenders would suffice.

You can insert your favorite quotes, lines from your favorite movie, or perhaps your favorite bible verse. Your wedding flowers are all about you so add something really meaningful to it.

  1. Add seashell.

If you are a beach junkie and you want to get married on the beach, you can add seashells around your bouquet. This will add an island vibe to the wedding. Make sure it’s perfectly dried and you can smash them into pieces and you put them either on the handle or around the petals.

Personalizing your wedding is an important aspect to bring your own unique ways to your special day because after all, it’s going to be you and your fiancee’s wedding. Just like being unique and charming on your hand bouquet. Adding a few personal details to your wedding flowers means being creative about it. There are actually a lot of ways in which you can incorporate your personal touch on your wedding flowers. It brings the special moment even more memorable to you. It is important to take note that your wedding day is your special moment and grab the opportunity to make it as memorable as possible because you are only going to do it once in your life.