8 Wedding Flowers That Able to Tolerate the Sun in Singapore

Summer is actually an ideal time for weddings, especially those who want to enjoy a bright sunny day on this special occasion. Singapore is the perfect wedding destination. You rarely have to worry about it raining during your outdoor venue party. Not only this, but you can also enjoy the lush greenery of an outside venue. A lot of people would prefer a sunny day over a day with rain during their wedding. The only problem that could arise during summer weddings is the fact that the heat would sometimes be unbearable for flowers and weddings need to have flowers.

Of course, there are flowers that are best for these types of weddings. Strong and sun-loving flowers that are beautiful, simple, sweet and perfect for weddings despite their tolerance for the heat. Rest assured these flowers will not dry up nor wilt because of the heat or dehydration as they are made of the hard stuff. Here are some blooms that you should consider to have during your wedding:


One of the most known wedding flowers, Carnation flowers actually tolerate the heat better than any flower. Not only are they heat hardy but they are also very affordable making them appealing to anyone who wants to have a wedding under the summer sun. They come in colors such as pink and white, making them a sweet and gentle choice for your wedding. You can use them in your bridal bouquet or even just as filler pieces for the decoration of the venue. Either way, Carnations are one of the classic wedding flowers available, and not only because they are beautiful and romantic looking.


Mums, or also known as Chrysanthemums, are also one of the heat hardy flowers that are perfect for weddings. This is because they come in a variety of colors so you would have choices available for you. These vibrant and fresh flowers make the perfect addition to your wedding flower bouquet. The flower is also known to symbolize long life and joy, which makes it all the more perfect to use during weddings. Add a splash of color to your wedding as you celebrate outdoors with these particular blooms.

Cymbidium Orchids

Orchids are known to survive and thrive in tropical climates so they would not have a difficult time under the heat of the summer sun. They are actually one of the few flowers that are used to it. They have an elegant appearance, making them a perfect choice for weddings. Not only that but their colors come in gentle tones which can set the perfect romantic mood. They can often be found in wedding hand bouquets because of their simple and soft appearance.


A well-known summer flower. These flowers have a unique look that makes them hard to -forget, like a wedding. They flourish in warm climates, making them available for summer brides to show off during their special day. These flowers are also in season during summer making them cost less and more available.


These types of flowers love the sun and could withstand the heat during the summer. They also come in a variation of colors which gives the bride a lot of choices on her the arrangement of her wedding bouquet. They may seem simple to look at but it is their simplicity that makes them stand out, especially during a wedding ceremony where the attention is on the bride and the groom. This type of flower would stand out but not so much as to steal the show, only enough to compliment the bride.


Also known as Peruvian lilies, these flowers come in warm and colorful tones such as pink, red, orange and yellow. They make the perfect addition to bridal bouquets to create a soft and elegant mood. These flowers are also known to symbolize friendship which is a sweet representation of the relationship between a husband and wife.


These flowers may be small and would be perfect to add as foliage or filler during a wedding. This is because the blooms are small but colorful and they can tolerate the sun well as their blooming season would usually start in mid-summer. They are also inexpensive compared to other flowers.


Zinnias are very beautiful and unique blooms that can withstand the summer heat. They come in a variation of bright colors making them a good choice to add to any flower arrangement to bring out the vibrancy in the bouquet. They are known to be part of the sunflower tribe. These flowers come in long stems and would make a perfect main flower with other small flowers to surround it in a wedding bouquet.

These are just some flowers that tolerate the sun well and would be perfect during summer weddings which happens often because of the assurance of good weather. Most summer weddings would also have an outdoor venue, so flowers would be much appreciated for decoration and an add of color. Although there are more flowers that can withstand the summer heat, these flowers have already established a special place in weddings because of their unique beauty, price, and color. A florist can also easily create wonderful arrangements with these types of flowers to create a wedding bouquet that is as beautiful and as unique as the summer bride.