Car Decoration For Wedding: How Florist’s price

Planning a wedding can sometimes be quite difficult if you do not have a game plan or a theme to follow. Some brides offer their help and advice to make the wedding more of what they have dreamed of, but some just leave it all up to the planner. Weddings can often go awry or wrong if not planned right down to the perfect detail.

Planning a wedding, you do not stop at decorations in the venue or the reception area. There is also the decoration for the wedding car. The one that would whisk the newlywed couple off into their own sunset fairytale. Depending on the date and time of the wedding, it could be a sunset or just a normal afternoon. How do you know how to budget for the wedding car decorations? Well, some florist price differently from others. If it is somewhat their specialty, they may price higher, or if the materials or decorations used are harder to come by then expect the price to go up.

Some of the factors that may affect the price or how a florist price are:

  • The type of vehicle or transportation used

Of course, the price would vary depending on the size and make of the car to be decorated. The bigger the car, the more parts needed to be decorated unless you go for a simpler look and just place a few wedding flowers here and there. Some cars are harder to decorate than others simply because of the way they look. Others may be difficult because of their size and color. Depending on how good the florist is that decorate your chosen vehicle, prices would vary. Especially if the vehicle is somewhat unique and not really used for weddings. Or if the car itself would be hard to incorporate in the theme of the wedding. Choose your vehicle wisely as the chances of the prices of the decoration going up or down would depend on it.

  • Materials

Of course, if you want the vehicle to be decorated in paint and other things aside from flowers, this would affect the price of the decorating itself. Talent always comes with a price, especially ones that exceed expectations. If you want something unique and never been done before, chances are this could be done but at a price higher than others. Some florists may even add a flare here and there that could be their signature look and would cost more money. Others may need some parts and other materials aside from the tin cans and strings, like in a traditional wedding, and would need more payment. Of course, this would all depend on what you are looking for or what your theme is and if it is easy to follow or not.


  • Flowers

Second to the last thing you need to consider that would greatly affect the price of your car decorations are the flowers. Flowers, as everyone knows, comes in different shapes and sizes. This would also mean that they come with different prices. The color of those flowers doesn’t necessarily affect the price, but they could. Other factors that would affect the price is the flower itself. Some flowers that you may request or want may not be in season and is, therefore, harder to grow and find. This would make them more valuable and the price would increase with each flower you use that is not in season. If you want to save, you should choose flowers that are in season and the most abundant of the month or day your wedding would be. The quantity of these flowers would also affect the final price of the decoration you will be using at your wedding. It could be grand or simple, either way, the prices would vary.

  • Design

It is not easy to decorate a car for a wedding, especially if one is limited to an idea, concept or theme. This happens most of the time in weddings because most brides would have a general concept and would want each object and venue to match it. The price you are going to pay for the decoration would vary depending on the design itself and how hard or easy your concept is to pull off. You can always talk to your florist to know how to make it more affordable if you are in a budget and they would go for a simpler design. Otherwise, you can leave it all up to them to make it their own with a limited budget.


Decorating the wedding car can be fun if you know how to budget your time, money and resources to make the design stand out without having to be too expensive. You can play with the design yourself and ask the prices of each material you would use to know how much you are paying exactly and if you could get better design with the same budget. It would all lead down to one thing, and that is who will decorate your wedding car and whose concept you would follow. Prices would vary and depend not only on the one who will decorate, as talent fee or design fee but also to the one who plans the wedding. You can stay in a budget and create something magnificent.