Funny Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Wedding car decorations ideas: Funny

Decorating the wedding car can be a fun experience especially if you do it yourself, you let your friends do it for you or professional set up by reputable wedding florist. There can be many ways to decorate the wedding car and sometimes, it can go from simple to extravagant to downright silly. Of course, funny decorations add a few laughs and happy moments here and there and it would definitely make people smile, even the bride and groom. Decorating a wedding car is one of the most fun projects one can have when planning a wedding, especially if you have been given the go sign to do something unique, fun, silly or something all on your own.

If you are the one assigned to decorate the wedding car and you want to share a good laugh and make it a memorable and fun experience for the bride and groom. These ideas are also cost-friendly and could be done by anyone like a do it yourself project. Here are some wedding car decoration ideas that are sure to make any wedding a happy and funny moment:

  1. Markers or Paint

This method of decorating is good if you want a personal touch for the wedding car. This could be used in many ways. For example, if you want something personal and fun you can have the guest put individual messages of good wishes for the bride and groom. This would make the wedding car look like it was hand painted and decorated with love and years of knowing each other. Of course, for more fun and memorable way of decorating you can also let the bride and groom’s closest friends put words or draw objects in the vehicle that would mean something to the new couple. This could be an inside joke or something to try and embarrass the newlyweds on their wedding. In a fun way and not in an insulting or disrespectful way. Another method could be special messages from their family, like nicknames they do not use or memories that they would laugh and be embarrassed about. The possibilities with paint and markers are endless because the vehicle has enough space for everyone to write or draw something personal. This would definitely make any bride or groom feel special on their wedding day, and you might even get a few good laughs from this idea.


  1. Theme

A lot of people go for themed decorations for their wedding cars. They could choose from a variety of themes that are available on the internet or one of the most common or sought out themes in weddings. Either way, one can always go for something silly and often times it would be inside jokes that only the bride and groom and those closest to them would understand. This is a fun idea especially for those who want something to surprise them on their wedding as they emerge from the church as a newly wedded couple. This is also a fun way to make anyone laugh as the bride and groom ride off into their ever after in a silly wedding car. This type of wedding car decoration is perfect for anyone who wants something funny other than a simple wedding car decoration with a simple flower arrangement. Before the bride passes down her bridal bouquet, let everyone have a laugh and some try to figure out what the funny thing is about. This is sure to lift everyone’s mood a little further on a special occasion.


  1. Objects or Placards

The simplest and traditional way of decorating a wedding car. Some people are contented with putting a signboard that says “Just Married” or tin cans that would make a ruckus as they hit the asphalt along the road. This could also be a fun way to make the bride and groom laugh with something like an inside joke or an embarrassing memory. It could be a stuffed toy they used to sleep with until they were old enough to have children or a favorite blanket. Anything sentimental would do or anything that would spark any funny or embarrassing moment. This is a good way to make the wedding feel lighter and fun as this joyous occasion deserves all the happiness. This type of wedding car decoration is perfect not only for silly or fun couples but also for those who are sentimental and hold on to memorable moments of their childhood or younger years.


Decorating the wedding car for any bride or groom is something you should not stress or overthink about. This should be something fun to do when planning a wedding as it does not require as much effort compared to decorating the whole of the venue. It just needs to be enough. A touch of creativity, fun, and beauty would definitely do the trick and make any bride and groom happy with the outcome.

When decorating a wedding car, you can always ask those who are closest to the bride and groom for advice in making it something that would mean more to the new couple other than a simple wedding car that would whisk them away to their new beginning. Of course, this would help create a live and sentimental atmosphere in the wedding that would either make the bride and groom cry with joy and laughter or cry with sentimental values.