Wedding Tip: Picking Flowers for a September Wedding

September might be the month when fall starts, but that does not imply that splendid colors of summer have vanished. The flowers in September are usually pretty, hardy and full. They are perfect for any event, especially weddings because almost all the flowers come in assorted colors. This makes it easy to match the flower bouquets to any color scheme. For ladies buying blossoms for their wedding in September, remember that you will be able to make choices from flowers that are both in season and available locally. In fact, most florists will probably have a lot of pretty flowers in stock with vivid colors.

Flowers based on locations

East Coast

In September, you will easily find sunflower, sugar maple, rose, berries, hydrangea, crab apple, bittersweet and amaryllis in the East Coast. If you are planning to have an informal wedding, sunflowers will be the best main flowers for your floral bouquet. These splendid flowers create an impression with a clear complexity from dim focuses to striking petals. These blossoms don’t just have the traditional yellow color, they can likewise be found in other colors like brown, russet, orange, deep gold, lemon. If you are the type that has a mental image of seeing tall stalks all through your reception, your long search is over, but if you are the type that does not fancy tall flowers, note that these flowers have various sizes. Sunflowers are additionally a perfect wedding blossom since they symbolize loyalty and adoration, ideal for this exceptional day.


Toward the start of autumn, fall leaves, crab apple, ornamental berries, rose hip, scabiosa, rose, and the dahlia is in full bloom. Dahlia is the most-loved flower of the season because of its recognizable full and bright flowers. These blossoms are simply stunning and you can use them to make a bold statement in purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, or white. Dahlia’s historical background is buried in intrigue and thievery, so it is no big surprise that the blossom symbolizes “be mine always”.

West Coast

On the West Coast, the flowers that you will see blooming are rose hip, rose, pomegranate, lisianthius, hydrangea, Gerbera daisy, cosmos, coreopsis, and chrysanthemum. The most suitable wedding flower is a cosmos. It’s so similar to a daisy, though it adds a more fragile touch. The blossoms are delicate in appearance and the foliage additionally has an airy effect. Indeed, even the contemporary bride would love a simple floral arrangement with these blossoms. The bonus is that cosmos has different colors, which ranges from chocolate, deep pink, pale pink to white.


In the southern part, you will discover flowers like sumac, sassafras, salvia, rose, oriental berries, hydrangea, and bittersweet. The most common flower is Hydrangea, which is available in practically any color possible, even in uncommon colors such as blue, burgundy, and green. And when dried, these blossoms can be colored to suit any color that you choose for your wedding. The reason why people love these blossoms for weddings specifically is that it symbolizes commitment.

Tips on the best way to select your flowers

Though there is a lot of info everywhere on what sort of flowers you ought to use for your wedding, including info on beautiful centerpieces and bridal bouquets, floral decoration and chandeliers, but there is not a great deal of info out there on “donts”. This is not just about bad flower decor, but instead about the manner in which brides handle their florist’s meeting — quite a bit of it having to do with desire versus reality. Keep on reading to get the best tips on what to avoid and how to handle your meeting with the florist for your wedding.

  • Get your research done beforehand

Set aside some time to make sense of what you like, and find the name, before you begin calling up florists. The two main things that you have to know to include the flowers’ names with their common floral names, like the bouquet type (biedermeier, posy and cascade), design and any other specifics.

  • Don’t Book a Consultation several months in advance

Clearly waiting up until the last moment is never a wise move. But, beginning too soon isn’t generally the best move, either. There are some vital things that you have to know before talking about flowers: number of guests, venue, and wedding date. Your discussion will be pointless without securing those things. Also the fast-paced trends. There are often numerous brides who believed that they are saving time and reducing stress by booking early consultation. Now, when the trends shift, they lose interest in their chosen design and flowers. They have a lot of new ideas and wants to change their whole color palette, starting all over again.

  • Sloppy Ideas Board

It tends to be very useful when brides set up their own ideas board for inspiration. But, if the pictures collection does not adhere to a theme with a similar style and color palette, it will be hard and confusing for the florist to comprehend what you really need to see on your big day. If your pictures appear to be everywhere, and you need assistance choosing the best course to go for your wedding, discuss with the florists first. They can guide you on the right path, and you will be able to choose a reasonable theme for your board.

  • Don’t be difficult

It is good for a bride to know what she needs. The challenging part is when the bride fixed on tiny details, for example, the precise size of the peonies or the “impeccable” rose shade. Though most florists will love to provide what you are requesting, nature is full of surprises, and the particular shape or shade that you are searching for might not even exist. Do talk about your preferences, however be willing to be flexible with regards to small details.


Selecting flowers is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding. Though, it is not as straightforward as picking your some flowers and ordering them in some colors. Hopefully, this article has empowered you with tips and details that will enable you to enjoy your florist meetings and choose the best flowers for your big day.