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Thorough Vase Cleaning

The moment you are presented with a bouquet, your very first thought will be to put the flowers in a vase. This vase, especially the interior, must be spotless and absolutely unadulterated before it may be considered complete. It is only at this point that you will be able to guarantee that the bacteria that shorten the lifespan of the blooms have no chance of survival. 
The dishwasher can be quite helpful, but more delicate and priceless types of vases must to be hand-washed with extreme care every time. During the cleaning process, you might find that having a few drops of chlorid on hand is helpful.

Enhance with Flower Food

Particularly in warmer situations, which may often be stressful for flowers, it is important to provide them with specifically formulated flower food since it has been shown to be beneficial and should not be overlooked. Flower food prevents the growth of microorganisms in the container the flowers are in, such as a vase or planter.

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Cutting Flower-Care-Instruction

Avoid Cutting on Binding Point

In no circumstances can the binding tape at the stalks be opened, as this could potentially ruin the floral arrangement that has been carefully arranged in the bouquet. This tape guarantees that the bouquets are in good shape and maintains their aesthetically pleasing appearance. 
Take away any leaves that are extending into the water, as well as any individual blossoms that have reached their full maturity. In the absence of them, the process of wilting would be accelerated.

Stem Trimming

Be sure to cut the tops of the stems diagonally with a sharp knife before putting the arrangement into a vase. This step should be done before placing the bouquet into the vase. Because of this, the flowers are able to more effectively absorb the water and the nutrients it contains.

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Flower Care Instruction placement

Flower Placement

It is essential that the bouquet be positioned in the appropriate spot in order to ensure that the joy experienced will remain. 
The flowers will lose more water to evaporation than they can take in through their stalks if they are exposed to direct sunshine. The end result is a hastening of the dying process. The effects of drought are precisely the same. A shady location that has a mild breeze is ideal.

Top Up Water/ Change Water Regularly

Paying attention to how much water is in the vase is important at all times, but especially in warm situations. It can happen very quickly; freshly cut flowers have a great deal of thirst.
Even if the water in the vase is changed out every day, you should still give it a thorough cleaning to eliminate any bacteria that might be present.
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Stay Away From Fruits

Humans take great pleasure in eating ripe fruits, but cut flowers do not share this sentiment. They release ethylene, which hastens the maturation of the flowers; consequently, the longevity of the blossoms is significantly reduced, which is a great disappointment.
By the way, ethylene will also be produced if there is heavy smoking going on close to the flowers, and this will result in the blooms not maturing as quickly as they would otherwise. 
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