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What Some of Customer Say

Esther was absolutely amazing! She was incredibly helpful throughout the whole planning. The flowers were absolutely stunning! My bridal bouquet was beautiful! She didn’t need much guidance with anything. Got exactly what I told her I wanted and made it even better! The flowers were breathtaking. Thank you Little Flower Hut!

May / Bukit Timah
If you are looking for a florist for your wedding and desire someone who is completely reliable, offers ideas but is not pushy and really knows their business, look no further than Little Flower Hut. They did all the flowers for our wedding at The Shangri-La, Singapore and they were truly amazing!
Dave Tan / Orchard Road

From start to finish the service from Little Flower Hut was first class. Polite, knowledgeable and informative advice and then the flowers were nothing short of magnificent. I cannot recommended Little Flower Hut flowers highly enough.

Freda / Ocean Drive

Little Flower Hut’s Bridal Bouquet Collection

A bridal bouquet is a collection of beautiful flowers held by the bride as she walks down the aisle. A bridal bouquet is normally added to complement the overall theme of the wedding venue and also the dress.

A small bridal bouquet is important on your wedding day because it not only keeps your hands busy but also ties the décor and wedding design together therefore wedding bridal bouquet must be chosen carefully.

At Little Flower Hut, we have some very elegant bridal bouquets which add beauty to the bridal overall appearance without being dramatic. Our fresh bridal bouquets are just enough to grab the attention of people and help the bride to be center of their attention.


Find the Right Wedding Bouquet with Little Flower Hut and order a bridal bouquet online

We have a wide range of bridal flowers and therefore we are the one-stop shop for all the brides out there. We have all types of bridal bouquets including simple bridal bouquets, small bridal bouquets and we make customized bouquets as well.

So all you need to do is just visit our website and order bridal bouquet online and we will make sure to deliver the bridal flower bouquet on your big day.


Check out the style of wedding bridal bouquet we offer

We offer different styles of wedding bouquets. We make sure to design different styles of bridal bouquets so that our brides can choose whatever they like. Our bridal bouquet styles include:

  • Rustic bridal bouquet
  • Cascading bridal bouquet
  • Boho bridal bouquet
  • Preserve bridal bouquet
  • Vintage bridal bouquet
  • Round bridal bouquet
  • Modern bridal bouquet
  • Garden style bridal bouquet

All you need to do is just visit our website, go through our bridal collection and then order the one that you like and suitable for you. We will then make sure to deliver the bridal bouquet to your doorstep.


Your Trusted Professional Team of Wedding Florists

You might be thinking that out of all the bridal shops in town why you should choose us for your big day? Well, unlike other shops we have a team of experienced professionals who know their jobs really well.

Our company is totally a customer-centric company we do everything for our customers. We believe to have a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with our customers and for that purpose, we make sure to do everything as they like.

Even if our brides don’t know what type of bridal bouquet they must choose for their big day then our experienced team makes sure to guide them and help to choose a dreamy bridal bouquet.


We Can Tailor a Package to Meet Your Specific wedding bridal bouquet needs

Wedding day is a day full of stress and adrenaline rush. We know that being a bride you are already dealing with a lot of things so we don’t want to cause you more tension. In order to help you a little we will make sure to style a package that will meet all your bridal bouquets.

Just provide us the color of your dress and also the theme of the venue and even if you are clueless about what type of bouquet you want we will make sure to design a bouquet that will meet all your expectations.

So just visit either our physical store or our website, get in touch with our representative and let us bring your imagination into reality.


Favorite Colour Combos for Bridal Bouquets

Often times it happens that even you tell the bouquet designer what exactly you want he/she tailors something that doesn’t match your expectation. The reason is simple most of the floral shops even when they have the most beautiful flowers their team is not experienced enough to play with floral colors. As a result, the design turns out to be a total failure.

This is not the case with us. We know our job very well and we have an entire team who loves to play with floral colors. Even if you don’t know what you want we will make sure to design the most amazing bouquet for your big day.


Flower Bouquet Color Ideas for Your Wedding

In a bouquet, the combination of floral colors matters a lot. So make sure that you have all the right colors in your bouquet. If you choose us to design your bridal bouquet then we will make sure to combine all the colors that will not only complement your dress but the venue theme as well.

We have variety of bridal bouquet ideas which include:

  • Blue bridal bouquet
  • burgundy bridal bouquet
  • lavender bridal bouquet
  • royal blue bridal bouquet
  • white bridal bouquet
  • red and white bridal bouquet
  • blush bridal bouquet
  • purple and white bridal bouquet
  • summer bridal bouquet
  • winter bridal bouquet
  • yellow bridal bouquet
  • ivory bridal bouquet
  • autumn bridal bouquet
  • turquoise bridal bouquet
  • navy blue bridal bouquet
  • fall bridal bouquet
  • lilac bridal bouquet

Based on your personal choice, wedding dress and theme of venue we will design a bridal bouquet that will perfectly match it all.


Have Same Day Flowers Delivered in Singapore Today

Once you order your bridal bouquet online then the next big task is how to get it delivered to your address. Don’t worry; we have your back in this as well. As I said earlier we are a customer-centric company and in very minimal charges we deliver the flowers to the given addresses.

If for some reason you forget to order the bouquet beforehand then we also have the service of same-day delivery in which you will get the flowers on the same day you order them.

So what are you waiting for order your bridal bouquet now and avail all these amazing packages?

Choose the Most Beautiful Bridal Bouquet and Complete the Perfect Wedding

The day of your wedding is coming up soon and you have most of the things for it perfectly arranged. You are making sure that everything is under control, the decoration, the wedding cake, the place… but you feel like there’s something missing, something very important that you will use during the most important moment of the event. That’s right! You have one thing to get yet: the bridal bouquet!

Our florist specializes in arranging flowers, no matter the situation that you need them for, we are sure that you will find something that covers your necessity perfectly. The best part of this is that you will get the most beautiful bridal bouquet for your wedding at the best price ever! This is the best florist to get flowers at cheap prices around Singapore.

Get your wedding finally completed by getting a beautiful bridal bouquet from our website. Don’t worry, if the wedding is coming up very soon, we will arrange it for you, and then we will send your order as soon as possible. We have many options for you available so make sure to check them all so you can find the one that suits you best.

The wedding day is something very important in the life of any person, as they will finally settle and start a new life along with their partner. It is like a restart, but this time, instead of walking through the world alone, you have someone to take care of you and to help you in any circumstances all the time by your side. After your wedding day, we hope that you and your partner enjoy the best of each other’s company.

But before you both get married, make sure that everything will be happening perfectly during that day. Arrange everything with our help! We have the best flower delivery around Singapore, you can trust that your flowers will be arranged by an expert florist and that you will receive them the same day that you order them. That’s how fast we work! You don’t need to worry about getting flowers anymore if you don’t have time; we are now your best friends when it comes to this.

Complete your wedding by getting the most beautiful bridal bouquet from our wedding florist. You won’t regret your decision! The event will happen without any problem and you will enjoy the moment with the beautiful bouquet that we have arranged for you. Everything else is up to you, but we are sure that you will give your best to make everything go perfectly during one of the most important days of your life. We wish you find what you are looking for with us, and if you ever need flowers again, then you know where to find them at the best prices.

You won’t find another website that has so many options at very good prices around the web. Get your bridal bouquet and even more with us, Singapore’s Favorite Florist!