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What Some of Customer Say

Unbelievably fast and exquisite service! I ordered a manly arrangement for my husband in the morning and it was delivered just a few hours after that. Top-notch florist right here!!

Lynn / Bishan

Called them and Order at 12am. Everything was done perfectly – a balloon, a bouquet of fresh flowers, delivered time within 45min. Only Florist in Singapore open late at night. I will sure order again.

Bella / Changi Road

What an amazing experience!! I could not be happier. The CS is wonderful and joy to speak with! Love the service and the arrangement! A ten-star rating would not be enough!!

Elle / Ghim Moh

Just like women, men also like to receive flowers which means that on their birthday or wedding anniversary along with other gifts you can also give them flowers.

But one thing should be kept in mind that men like to receive flowers which depict their personality which is more masculine in other words.

You cannot give pink or purple flowers to a man; they like to receive flowers which are white, blue or even red when it is on some romantic occasion.

So if an important event in your life is coming up and you want to gift the man in your life flowers then we at Little Flower Hut are an ideal place to provide you with the best arrangements.


Get the Best Flowers for Men from Us

If you are looking masculine flowers for men then remember that you cannot just give them any flowers. Men also like to receive flowers as a gift but their choices vary from women. They normally like flowers that best suit their personality or more precisely they prefer masculine-looking flowers.

So if you are confused that what to choose in the bouquet for men then do not worry we got your back. We have a wide variety of manly flower arrangements which are perfect to give the special man in your life.

Starting from Cactus to orchids to lilies we have some amazing collection of masculine flowers and our florists also make different combinations of these flowers to make a bouquet so that not only it looks cute but the receiver will also think about the entire thought process and will appreciate it.


Make That Special Man in Your Life Smile with Flowers by Personal delivery

As stated before masculine flower arrangements are different than just normal floral arrangements or bouquets and you have to pick each and every flower carefully in order to give it that manly touch and a perfect bouquet for him which he adores.

Our company knows perfect flower arrangements for men and if you want to design a bouquet for him then visit our website we have some very amazing flower arrangements for men choose any flower and bouquets of your choice and we will make sure to deliver the perfect flowers.

We have categories of masculine flowers like if you want to send flowers on father’s day then our floral arrangement and flower selection will depict kindness, affection, and love and our flowers for boyfriend/husband are arranged in such a way that they will give a more romantic feeling.


Cheap Flowers to Save Your Bank Balance

By reading all these specifications and services you must be thinking that we may be heavy on your budget but let me tell you we are quite budget-friendly. Our flowers and floral arrangements are fresh and unique but at the same time, they are quite cheap compared to other floral companies.

We are the best online website for sending flowers to a man with various masculine flower arrangements. Our men’s bouquets consist of radiant and fresh blooms which make the perfect masculine flowers gift.

Why you should send him flowers?

Just like women you can give flowers to men on many occasions. Like on his birthday you can go for manly flowers and make a bouquet out of it and send it to him to make the event more special.

If you don’t have any idea what actually you should give to a man to make the event more special just visit our website. We have many bouquets for men which are perfect as flowers for men’s birthday any anniversary or even father’s day.

If you don’t like the already available options on the website then you can make one on special order and our florist will make sure to bring your imagination into reality.


A Great Range of Flowers from the Best Florists in Singapore

Now that you know why to give flowers to men and where to find them you must be thinking about the categories of masculine flowers that are available with us right?

In our masculine floral sections, we have flowers that have all manly colors like blue, black, white etc. You can visit our website and all the available options will be displayed on the website. The categories of masculine flowers that we have are

Birthday flowers for men

Get well flowers for men

Masculine funeral flowers

And other masculine plants and flowers.

We also have congratulatory gifts for men if your special man has achieved a milestone like getting a dream job or starting a new venture. All our floral arrangements and bouquets are crafted with utmost perfection and care to make sure that the special person receives the message behind the gift instantly.


Super Fast and Affordable Same Day Delivery

Once you are done choosing the perfect flowers for the man then the next step which is also the most important one is to deliver the gift. Of course at that time also you want someone else to do the job for you right?

So don’t worry we at Little Flower Hut, also provides delivery services as well. Along with providing the perfect flowers for guys and flower bouquets for the man we also have services like flower delivery for men.

Our delivery services also include same day delivery in which we will make sure to deliver the gift on the same day when you place the order.

Giving flowers as a gift is in trend nowadays and just like women, men also love to receive flowers regardless of the occasion. So if any special occasion is coming up then we provide the best services of fresh flowers and also make sure to deliver the flowers at the doorstep of the recipient. So what are you waiting to place your order now and enjoy our services?