How to Plan Baby Shower at First Baptist Church?

With the birth of new babies, the event of a baby shower has evolved with time. It is kind of sweet and exciting to meet up with expecting moms and share some quality time together. Doing this in a church can be pretty great. The First Baptist Church here holds baby shower events for all expecting mothers. The party is a way to connect with other mothers as it will help in knowing about different things that you should know, but you do not.

The party needs to be filled with all church members, other expected moms, relatives, and friends. It should be full of emotional moments and a memorable time. The guests bring baby gifts for the baby and the couple that contains different baby accessories that can be helpful in the future for the new parents.

So, a baby shower at church can be arranged in different ways. There are multiple ideas on how to arrange all the parties without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Keep the Limits Considered

First, keep in mind that how the church reacts to your party ideas. You need to follow the limits and boundaries of a church. You should provide all things that the church allows and should be limited and restricted in those that the church does not. It is necessary for the planners to follow all the policies that the church carries to plan a baby shower there.

Activities should be Spiritual

If you are planning the baby shower to be hosted at First Baptist Church, then you should keep in mind that it is not your traditional baby shower. It should be different from the baby showers that you host at your home or any other venue like a hall. The activities in the baby shower at home or any other place can be noisy and funny, and people can do all kinds of fun at the party. But if you are hosting the baby shower at the church, then your activities need to be spiritual. They should carry some religious activities where all new moms to be should be encouraged and make feel good.

Other than the activities, your menu also should be according to the church policies. Here you cannot arrange anything in food or drink as you want. At the baby shower, you plan to be hosted in your house, you can arrange any snacks and drinks, but at church, you need to follow church rules and only arrange those things that are permitted by the church.

The baby shower that is held in the church should be about giving life lessons and sharing good pieces of information. Advice should be given to the new parents to be for their parenthood phase of life. They need some precious advice on how to grow up a child to be a perfect and well-mannered citizen.

So, if you are inviting some experienced mothers to the baby shower, ask them beforehand to speak or leave notes for the new moms that can be helpful for them in the future.

Be Dedicated

When you are planning a baby shower in a church, then you need to be resourceful. The extended family from the church plays an important role while you are arranging the shower. The family of God is your extended family from church. It is quite important for you that the planting team of the church does not feel all alone while planning and making all the arrangements. For that, you need to be helpful to them. They need to be known that they are surrounded and helped by the family that is planning the shower, care about their baby and are committed to the life of their baby. So, you need to be a dedicated couple who is caring about the church and the planting team of the church. Family really matters in the whole planning and arrangements.

Who to Invite?

You can invite anyone to your baby shower event. You can invite the church planters or any member from the planter team. You can also invite the church, the local associations of churches, and your mission groups to the baby shower event. You can ask the head planter for a registry that has all kinds of items mentioned in it for getting the idea of how many people you can invite. You can ask them to let you know what the church has policies about gifts so that you can ask in the invitation not to bring gifts if the church does not allow. It is good to hold the party right after the church service or any weekly meeting. It is because, at that time, there is a large number of people present in the church. As many people will join you on the baby shower in church, the more blessing you and your baby will get.

What to Do on the Shower?

During the shower, remember to pray for the new baby and the ones that are struggling to bring it to life. Ask God for blessing the baby with health and good nature. Pray for the church and all other persons that are involved in arranging your shower in time and within budget. Acknowledge their efforts and pray that they get the reward by God.

You should involve in some spiritual activities and other fun items during the baby shower to make the party nice and beautiful. You can place some cards and pens at a table where everyone experienced are asked to go and write their advice and other things that can be helpful for the new parents to be.

Last Words

The baby shower is celebrated in the excitement of the arrival of the new baby in a family. Celebrating it at a church is the sign of your care for the baby. It means that you are willing to have the blessings of countless people who are not even related to you. Planning it can be a bit different, but it is fun to do this.

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