7 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a difficult time when women become sensitive about every minor thing in their lives. This is the time when women can have mixed feelings of happiness and stress, excitement and distress, joy, and depression. In this difficult time, people around mostly give their comments and share their experiences in a really weird way that their words enhance the tension for pregnant women instead of providing some relief and decreasing their stress. Women have become sensitive that they feel every word of others and they pay attention to every experience shared with them. They feel that they may have to experience the same things in their pregnancy and delivery. So to avoid such a situation of enhancing tension and depression of pregnant women we must be very careful while talking to them and should avoid some personal comments and weird and threatening discussion with them.


Do Not Comment On Early Or Delayed Pregnancy

People have various comments for others which could be hurting for them. While meeting with a pregnant woman people mostly ask about their pregnancy that when they got married and if this is their second pregnancy then they will ask about the age of their first child. By asking these questions they want to know about the time which they have taken to be pregnant for the first time or for the second time. They want to know that how much gap their children have. After knowing all this, people will say that oh! There is a very little gap in your children, it will be very difficult for you to manage with both children or they will say you took many months or years to be pregnant for the first time. Is everything ok? These questions are very weird and personal. It is not a decent way to ask this many personal questions and this is their concern that how much gap they feel better in their children as this is their personal life and they can decide better for themselves.


Avoid Discussion About Weight Gain

It is also not a decent way to discuss the weight gain of a pregnant woman. People around especially women mostly discuss such things and ask how much weight a pregnant woman has gained? This is very less or too much weight gain. You should have gained less than or more than that. This is not the right topic for discussion. Pregnant women are very sensitive and they bother and think about every single comment you made which is not good for their health. You should not increase their anxiety and distress. 


Never Ask About The Gender Of The Baby

We can see around us that some people are always very curious about the lives of others and they always poke their noses in the matters of others. They try to know every detail of others’ life without any reason. Though these facts and figures are useless for them they are habitual of asking personal questions. One of the most commonly asked questions to a pregnant woman is about the gender of her baby. People are always curious about the baby that is a baby girl or a baby boy. This is a very personal question to ask. We should avoid this type of question. You will come to know about gender in the coming days. So wait for that specific time. 


Evade The Discussion About Delivery Pains And Complication

A woman who is pregnant is always under stress and anxiety. She thinks and reads about the experiences of the coming days. If she is pregnant for the first time then every single day she will experience something new. She will remain under stress while thinking about the delivery process that how painful it will be or will she be fine or have some complications? This is a tough time for a woman and questions and discussions about delivery pains and complications will enhance the stress and will harm the health of the pregnant woman.


Do Not Ask About Delivery Method And Feeding Plans

Selection of delivery method i.e. normal or C-section is also very personal for the pregnant woman or the couple, in the same way, breastfeeding the child or not is also a very personal choice and no one has the right to discuss these topics or comment on these selections. This will increase the tension of the couple when they have other things to think about and they are more concerned about the health of the baby and the mother.


Do Not Talk About The Difficulties Of Parents

Never say to a pregnant woman that she can only enjoy life without children and she can only rest when she has no child. After having a baby in her lap, she will lose her own life. She will be in complete darkness where she will have no life of herself. Such comments make the mother very restless and worried about her future.


Avoid Discussion About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a common thing which most of the woman experience after delivery but this is not essential for every woman. So we should not discuss with a pregnant woman that she will experience such depression when she will not like her own life or her baby. This will make the woman depressed and will inculcate negative feelings in her mind.

So, as a human being, this is our responsibility to decrease the pains and tensions of others and to play a positive role for others. we should always think before we speak. Our words can be healing as well as disastrous or hurting for anyone. Our education and civilization can only be visible through our attitude towards others that how we behave and how we act in various situations. This is important to comfort others, it should not be the case that others feel discomfort and irritation in your presence. So if you meet a pregnant woman, always be positive with her. Avoid irrelevant and too personal comments. Just say to her, you look good and everything will be good in the coming days too. This time is beautiful and you are lucky to be blessed with it.