4 Flower Hacks to Increase Vase Life of Cut Flowers

Flowers are commonly used to decorate homes and other living spaces. They are accessible and will not take rocket science to arrange. No wonder they are usually given as gifts to loved ones during special occasions. However, these lovely ornaments and gifts can be pretty high-maintenance.

The most common dilemma of a person with flowers at home is making it last longer. Regular bouquets are short-lived, especially when not taken properly cared. Constant wilting of your flowers may drive you to get new bouquets every week, which should not be the case since freshly cut flowers can last up to 7 to 12 days when properly cared for.

Regularly purchasing flowers will only add up to your weekly expenses, and maybe costly in the long run. Here are four tips that may come in handy to keep your flowers crisp and long-lasting:


Hacks on Flower Care

Taking care of flowers is easy when done properly.  It is known that once flowers are cut, their lifespan will automatically fall short, and wilting cannot be avoided. However, certain steps can be done before, and after putting your freshly-cut flowers in a vase. These steps will help in maintaining the flower’s freshness and delay it from wilting. The flower’s longevity can be prolonged if they are placed under appropriate conditions.


  • Trim and replace water regularly

Cut flowers need water as much as flowers in a bush. Water keeps them from drying and wilting. Before putting the flowers in, fill ¾ of the vase with clean water. The water should not be too much or too little for the flowers. The water may run out in the first day or two, so do not forget to replenish the water in the vase regularly.

Even if the water is not completely gone yet, replacing it with clean water every few days is important, because flowers are susceptible to germs and bacteria that may be present in water if left unclean.

Before putting in your bouquet in a vase, it is also important to trim the stem of the flower by at least half an inch. Cut the stem at an angle because this makes it easier for the flower to absorb the water from the vase. Using sharp scissors or shears in trimming is also important, since dull scissors may damage the stem of the flower, making it harder to absorb water. Trim the stem every time you change the water in the vase.


  • Keep your flowers away from extreme heat and light

It is a common misconception that freshly-cut flowers need sunlight just like any other plant. However, unlike potted plants, flowers in vases will wilt faster when exposed to extreme heat and sunlight. So, avoid putting your vases near sunny windowsills, as this only makes your flowers the opposite of bright and happy.

Flowers that are cut have already reached the peak of their perfection and blossom, so exposure to heat and sunlight will drive them to mature, making them wilt faster. To prolong the life of your flowers, place them in cool dark places.


  • Avoid putting fruits near your flowers

If you are thinking of putting your flower vase next to your fruit basket, do not do it. Fruits have a ripening hormone, which makes them give off a colorless, odorless gas called ethylene. This gas is not harmful to you or your family members, but it can cause your flowers to mature.

Since flowers are the precursor to fruits, this hormone tells the flower to drop its petals and transform into a fruit. Placing your flower vase near ripening fruits, especially bananas and apples, would cause them to drop their petals like they are supposed to when exposed to ethylene hormone.


Use of Preservatives for Flower Care

There are also many interesting alternatives that you can use to further aid in prolonging the longevity of your flowers.  Though natural ways are very helpful, it is not bad to use extra help from preservatives.  There are many experimental alternatives such as aspirin, bleach, and even the coins you have inside your pockets. These home remedies can help your flowers stay healthy, thus living longer. However, there is a tried and tested preservative to help keep the wilting at bay.


  • Flower Food

Yes, flowers have food too. If you buy your flowers from boutiques or local flower shops, they usually send a flower food packet along with your blooms. Adding in flower food to your vase now and then will help them last longer and keep fresh. This is helpful especially when you cannot find time to change the water in the vase regularly.

The presence of flowers can bring in a sense of calmness and relaxation to relieve you from stress. These high-maintenance beauties are lovely decorations and gifts. Aside from the beauty they give off, they offer plenty of benefits, such as improving air quality and brightening up one’s mood, with their aroma and vibrant colored petals. Though flowers are a great addition to a room, it can be a struggle to maintain their freshness.

Keeping the flowers fresh and blooming is a known struggle for flower enthusiasts. There are numerous ways to not only keep your flowers fresh but also save you some money. Once you master the art of taking care of flowers, then you will save a lot more money from buying bouquets weekly. Not only will the flowers relieve your stress, but also save you from breaking the bank.

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