10 Tips for Florist Business to Navigate through the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak

COVID-19 has changed every single life on this planet. On one hand, humans celebrate lockdown and quarantine, while animals enjoy freedom. A significant decline in the economy’s productivity can be observed. The sad truth is that celebrating special days have seen a down graph. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the florists are running out of business. Further, the flower growers are unable to earn bread for themselves and, their yield is going to waste this year. So what should we do to survive this pandemic? Not to worry! Just go through the below 10 Tips for Florist Bussiness to Navigate through the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak:

  1. Embrace the new trends.

Social distancing and masks are the new modern. As soon as the lockdown eases and you open your shops, make sure you follow a proper safety procedure. Keep a sanitizer outside your shop. Ask every customer to use it before they enter the store. Ensure every customer wears a mask before they enter to shop. Maintain a distance of 1 meters with every customer.

  1. Collaboration.

Collaborating or forming cartels can help you survive the pandemic. Speak with all the florists around you set one price for every single service or arrangement. Unity can bring businesses to all of us.

  1. Artificial flowers

It is very difficult to replace real flowers with artificial flowers. But, they still can serve the purpose of real flowers. They can express the same amount of love and care to your loved ones. The big plus is that they can last longer and be stored as memory.

  1. Innovation

Innovation and product differentiation are the keys to any successful business. This creates a monopoly and makes your market. You can introduce new hybrid flowers to your shop. Or a different way of gifting these. Also, there are different ways to arrange flowers as a gift and or decoration. You can bring those to your shop.

  1. Online is the new era

Though online shopping has been introduced for a long period, no one ever thought of selling flowers online. You can collaborate with other florists and make a website. The website will bring you customers and, the florist near to the customer can provide the service. Needless to mention, introduce some other gifts like cakes, chocolates, and gifts that would complement the flowers.

  1. Sales promotion

Marketing and promotion have been rigid support for all businesses. Put exclusive sale offers on hampers and special flowers on occasions like Christmas or New Year. Discounts and offers can help you get rid of old stock and increase your sales at the same time. Moreover, you can use the social media platform to promote your business.

  1. Cost-cutting

Businesses are about making profits. You might not be able to control your sales or output but you can control your input i.e is expenses. Try making minimum wastage, reduce costs wherever you can.

  1. Redraw your financial budget

Finance plays a significant role in business. Floral industry being the seasonal industry piles up stock according to the seasonal and availability of flowers. Since most of the year 2020 has been spent in lockdown, therefore you can remake the budget of your stock and other expenses for the rest of the year. With no or small sales, the proprietor must focus on reducing the budget.

  1. Engaging the audience

The market segment or audience you are targeting might have fear of socializing and getting out of their homes to purchase anything. You will have to try very hard to get them to start buying flowers again. You social media handles like Instagram and Facebook to tell them about your new way of selling. Communicate with them regularly. Tell them about your opening hours and the flower delivery system.

  1. Change the strategies

COVID 19 has not evaded competition from the market. You still have to formulate strategies to bring the customers to your store. You might have to expand your market segment and limit your product range or vice versa. It depends on the business environment that you are situated in. Adapting to the dynamic business environment is the foremost pledge any businessman takes.

If you surf the internet about the floral industry, you will see it has taken a significant decline. It is not able to contribute well to the country’s GDP. Also, millions of flowers are dumped into the soil because of COVID 19 lockdown. It is very sad! Isn’t it? so as the floral industry savers let’s follow the tips above get the industry back into the business and save these little beauties from getting dumped brutally.

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