15 Best Flowers According to Its Scent  

Believe it or not, sweet-smelling flowers just make us happy. In fact aroma-therapy is used to relax mind and body in which flowers with the best scent are chosen. Therefore it is safe to say that flowers are not only beautiful to look at but they also have intoxicating smell.

It is also noteworthy that just like their colors flowers are diverse in their smell too. So in this blog we will discuss some of the best flowers according to their smell that you must have in your garden and also in living room.


So let’s continue the blog!


Of course we have roses on top in our list. These flowers are the top choice of buyers not only because their stunning color but also due to their mesmerizing scent. Many people associate the fragrance of roses with happiness, romance and other very good and positive thing.

That is the reason on many happy occasions like anniversary, valentine’s day and even on mother’s day roses are given to the people we love. It is also important to keep in mind that the odor of color varies with its color and nowadays there are roses that have been bred with no fragrance whatsoever.



If you want a flower that would make statement with its color then lily is just the right flower for you. The scent of this particular flower is so strong that it will instantly grab the attention of anyone.

The aroma of the flower is so refreshing that it is often linked with the start of spring season. It has a lazy scent that brings so many warm memories to mind like sitting on your sofa and sipping lemonade and just chilling. Due to all these chill vibes it is considered as the best flower and majority of people just love it for all the right reasons.



This flower has to be in our list. Just like the flower lily, jasmine also has the most pleasant fragrance and due its intoxicating smell it is normally used in making perfumes. These flowers are most commonly used in weddings for their romantic smell and also for heir unique white petals.

These are considered as the best flowers due to several reasons like:

  • Gardenias are easy to grow
  • The flower’s aroma mixes in the environment just like its own part.
  • Gardenias have huge white flowers which add more beauty to its overall appearance.



If you go to any good scents florist then he/she will suggest buying jasmine. The fragrance of jasmine of is so famous that worldwide oil is being extracted from it and that oil is used in candles, cosmetics and other aromatherapy products. This is a very nicely fragrant flower with little white-pinkish flowers that normally grow on long bracts.

There are different varieties of jasmine such as the night blooming jasmine, poet’s jasmine and queen of the night but regardless of the variety it has the most amazing scent and that is why it is high in demand in scented flowers delivery.



Irises are the flowers that have a huge resemblance with roses. Just like roses these flowers also come in a wide variety and no two varieties have the same smell. There are some varieties that have fruity smell while other varieties have old-fashioned floral smell.



Just like other flowers it is also very popular in the perfume industry due to its exotic smell. This flower is basically native to Japan and Korea and in Japan it is commonly known as “jinchoge”. The sad part is it is not very like among the gardeners because it needs a lot of care.

It is basically a winter plant which means that it prefers cold temperature. The blooming season of this flower is very short it blooms between February and March.



Lavender has a very different and unique smell which has a very calming effect on the brain therefore it is put on the bed side so that mind can relax and that is why it is used for the treatment of insomnia.



If you are a fan of the smell of lavender but looking for something that is more floral and less herbal that I will suggest to go for Hyacinth. It is just like lavender but the smell is sweeter than lavender. The smell is so refreshing that it gives spring vibes and that is why it is most loved in the floral industry.


Sweet Pea

Sweet peas have very intense fragrance and that is why it is not suitable for people who prefer more subtle and soft smell. The good thing about this flower is that, its smell is long lasting so if you are someone who loves to smell the bouquet again and again then this is the flower for you.



Freesias have different colors including soft as well as bold and both have equally delicious and sweet smell. The smell of freesias is more like a mixture of strawberry, mint and honey. The smell is so intense that it is enough to tantalize all the senses of a person.



It is often confused with the flower Datura but both are different from each other. This particular flower is also known as Angel’s trumpet because the flowers are like trumpet which are creamy orange in color. The flowers exude an erotic smell which is all you need during a lazy and gloomy day.



These are the best fragrant flowers with beautiful and amazing flowers and intoxicating smell. All the varieties are classified as the best fragrant flowers but the Korean spice that has white fluffy flowers is popular in the perfume industry.


If you are a fan of scent flowers then peonies are the perfect choice for you. These are esteemed for their amazing smell. The smell ranges from spicy to rosy and citrusy. It is important to keep in mind that not all variants of peonies are fragrant. The double form pink and white are the most fragrant and that is why popular in peonies flower delivery.