Express Your Love with Romantic Flowers

Romance is the epitome of love. one has to make this abstract heartwarming and interesting for the listener, you might have to add really cute and adorable things into the story. Romantic stories are something one would want to relate to someday. Did you know? 85% of people whether men or women would like to have a love like Romeo or Juliet in their life. Did you know? Every flower has its language. Every flower expresses one key emotion like friendship love, passion, and others. Let’s peek into the list of romantic flowers:


  1. Roses

Roses can never be off the list when it comes to expressing love. They enhance the epitome of love every single time. These are commonly known as true flowers of love. Every epic love story is unfinished without the roses. Did you know? The number of roses you send to your special one means something. Like One rose indicates Love at first sight, or years later “you are still the one.”Six roses mean the person has Infatuation, or “he or she wants to be yours.”10 roses as the number suggest means “You are perfection.”A beautiful romantic note with the bouquet will enhance the beauty of expressing love. Roses have a delightful appearance, hence will never fail to woo your partner. Whenever in a dilemma, just close your eyes and pick red roses. Not to forget, you can use these for decoration as well as gifting.


  1. Red carnations

One can never think of using carnations while romanticizing. Well, that would be a very wrong idea. Indeed these flowers a bit pocket friendly, but they work no less than red roses when it comes to making someone special. Imagine a room full of red carnations. With some of them symmetrically placed on the ceiling and petals scattered over the bed. Isn’t it breathe taking? If you do not want to go with red carnations, not to worry! They a variety of colors like white, pink, yellow, and the list can go on. You can also make a carnation crown, ring, or a garland for your partner to make them feel like a flower king or a queen. Carnations will always save your romance with their bulky blooms at pocket-friendly prices.


  1. Gerbera daisies

These are the most simple looking yet romantic flowers one could ever gift to someone. Let’s say, it’s your first wedding anniversary. You are running late for your date and you wish to give your wife something very special. All you have to do is, find a florist near you, pick one stem of pink or red gerbera daisy. When you reach home, hug you, wife, from the behind, kiss her and put the stem in her hair, and wish her happy anniversary. Didn’t you have goosebumps? These flowers can serve you the most romantic date than any other flower. These are so economical that even if you buy a thousand of these, you still wouldn’t have to spend a grand on them. The family of daisies depicts innocence and purity.


  1. Lilies

Lilies are the most demanded when it comes to proposing to the loved ones. No doubt these expensive beauties have a classy appearance, but these flowers are excellent to use as a weapon for romance. Unlike roses, carnations, and daises, only 3-4 stems of lilies can make your bouquet voluminous and attractive. These flowers speak the language of love as well as royalty at the same time. They know how eager you are to pamper your partner. These might affect your pockets a little but will fully serve the purpose of romance and love to the fullest. These flowers might not have fine detailing, but their big petals still can woo your partner. Lilies are extraordinary flowers that have the spark to intensify your romance.


  1. The pink peonies

These big flowers are so elegant, that they can have your heart skip a beat. Their big blossoms dare to create a charismatic romantic environment around you. These do have a rose-like structure but are not roses. These symbolize good fortune, compassion, and happy marriages. You can have these blowsy blooms plant in your garden for a romantic dinner or lunch. You order these in bulk and separate their petals to make a romantic bed or a romantic shower for your spouse. They have an amazing aroma that can soothe your brain from all the stress.


  1. Petunias

These teeny blue, pink and white flowers are cute as well as offer tricolor romance. These might look tacky at first but these signify resentment. Did you know? These can last for three years. So, one can surprise their darlings with lots and lots of pots planted petunias in their garden. Moreover, you can use these teeny potted plants to make up for your angry baby. Petunias are available in purple and white color as well. Needless to say, these can save your pocket from having a hole in it and, save your boat of romance.


Some of the other romantic flowers are orchids, tulips, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and the list is never-ending. Flowers help in increasing the level of romance. These can help you complement your love in whatever way you like. Their unique appearances and aroma have unique significance. And each of them has its own language of romance. so, you must make these beauties a part of your romance and, it’s surety they will never fail to assist you in a mind-boggling romance.