Types of Father’s Day Flowers to Wow Dad

Father’s Day is a special day that the whole world celebrates every June. this event is indeed something to pay attention to because it commemorates the efforts and love given by the father of each family. that is why it is important to plan out even a little surprise to make your father feel happy and special on this annual occasion. Flowers are not the perfect choice mainly because they are often given to women. but fear not, there are definitely lots of different choices and types of Flowers that you can give on Father’s Day.

Since most Flowers look very feminine in nature, there are a few arrangements that can fit this occasion. it all boils down to the type of flower used, the arrangement, and how it is presented to the recipient. feminine Flowers like carnations, peonies, and mums are usually set aside in this occasion and more masculine Flowers like dark-colored roses and orchids are used. here are a few types of Father’s Day Flowers that you can purchase on this special day:

  1. Orchids in a structured arrangement

Orchids are very elegant, yet they look very neutral when it comes to gender. you can give orchids to men and women and it will not look awkward at all. to make your Father’s Day arrangement special a structured arrangement of orchids will definitely be the best fit did the occasion. with structure, you can make an arrangement look more modern and sleeker hence making it look more masculine. orchids also last very long because of their thick petals and their longevity even though they are cut from the soil. you can opt for colors like white, maroon, and orange depending on the personality of your father.


  1. Tropical flowers are the way to go

Tropical Flowers are often given to males because of their tiny blooms and luscious greens. their warm color also signifies a manlier look to the arrangement. a few tropical Flowers include orchids, Bromeliads, bonsais, and bamboo. Yes, you read that right, bamboo. the reason why bamboo is often used in a more masculine type of flower arrangement is that it adds height and dimension to the arrangement. if you add Flowers with warmer hues with bamboo it would definitely look sleek and strong. Bonsais are also Famous in more masculine arrangements because of their strong structure that gives the element of robustness and gusto.  These flower arrangements will definitely make your father very happy on this special day. since most fathers are very serious and have a strong presence, these structured arrangements using tropical and warm Flowers are definitely the way to go.


  1. Potted plants are here to save the day

if you really cannot find the right flower arrangement to give to your dad on his special day, you can just choose to purchase potted flowering plants from your local florists. not only is this a great last choice, but this will also most definitely live longer than usual arrangements. nowadays planting has been a great hobby of many people and this includes fathers. they are the ones who love to decorate the house and improve its structure all the time that is why a beautiful part of the flowering plant will be a great addition to the house’s decoration. this will also give a special memory to your dad every time he sees the potted plants. he will always remember that you gave this plant on Father’s Day and he can still be able to propagate it as well.


  1. Green bouquets are great options too!

Green bouquets are just like what they are really called. These bouquets do not have any types of Flowers in them – only lush greenery of leaves and vines. Some might say that this will look boring because of the lack of Flowers. but in reality, green bouquets are very beautiful as well. usually, the florists use different types of leaves with various textures, sizes, and shapes to still achieve that bouquet feel. there are also different colors of leaves which can be used to give it a little bit of variety as well. You can choose green bouquets if you really do not feel like giving Flowers for Father’s Day. this is still a very nice gesture and you can still achieve your arrangements with the Flowers.


  1. Roses are also a safe choice

If you are really having a hard time choosing which flower to add to your arrangements, always remember that roses are very versatile and can be used on any kind of arrangement and on any occasion. roses are really very general and do not conform to a specific type of event, recipient, or arrangement. roses are very colorful as well and you can choose from a variety of different colors. if your father is into light colors, then you may choose pink, white, yellow, or even rainbow roses. if he is very masculine in nature, then you can choose red, blue, purple, or even black roses if you think he will love them. Roses have been a staple on so many flower arrangements and they can literally grow all year round. if you are having a hard time choosing Flowers, then roses are your safest bet.

That is it! the main goal of giving Flowers on Father’s Day is to make your dad feel happy and appreciated. Flowers give that feeling of love and appreciation to the recipient and he will definitely not fail in making that happen. there are so many flower arrangements to choose from and I am sure your florist already has an idea of what is the perfect arrangement to give during Father’s Day. Make sure to book in advance because even on this occasion, florists will be bombarded with orders upon orders. There are many ways to show love and appreciation for the amount of effort and love given by your father throughout the years. Let’s show that through the message of flowers!

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