What Flower Arrangements for a Wedding Car?

A wedding day is important for every man and woman. It is the day that everyone thinks of and plans what they will do to make it memorable for a whole life. Guests are invited, and meals are cooked, and everyone seems happy and excited. Decoration of the house and venue is a normal thing around the world, and decoration of a specific car known as a wedding car is a tradition in many parts of the world. This is the car in which the bride and groom are supposed to leave their wedding place and return to their house or somewhere else they would have planned.

The decoration of the car makes it unique and makes the wedding experience lovely and fully enjoyed it. There are multiple flower arrangements for a wedding car, and you can choose one by yourself as per your desire. Some people like scattered flowers all over the car with a bouquet on the bonnet. Some like just a special shaped arrangement of flowers on the bonnet or the roof of the car. It all depends on the liking of the bride and groom.

We will make you familiar with some arrangements here that can be used for a wedding car.


1.      Heart-Shaped Flower Arrangements

Heart-shaped floral arrangements are one of the most used arrangements for wedding cars. As the wedding is all about love and affection, heart shape floral arrangement is one of the loveliest gestures to let the world know that couple is in love and is going to be more in the coming days. So, heart-shaped floral arrangements are one of the most common ones to be used for wedding cars. There are many ways to make a heart. Only one heart can be designed or two hearts, one in the other, or two hearts interlinked with one another. This all depends on what you want and which design attracts you the most. You can use some beautiful flowers and leaves for designing this arrangement.

2.      Triangular Flower Arrangements

Another simple but attractive floral arrangement for wedding cars is a triangular one where flowers are arranged in a triangle shape. There can be ribbons and flowers on the bonnet in a triangular shape, or just a triangle shape bouquet is placed with some leaves to make the car look unique and lovely. People who love simple arrangements and are having a simple wedding with a few relatives can adopt this arrangement design as it can make the look of the car simple but elegant at the same time. It is also not much expensive to attach a bouquet and just be right in your budget so that you can do all other things well and properly.

3.      Scattered Blossoms Flower Arrangements

The car for the bride and groom needs to look different and unique than others, and for that, it is a tradition in many regions that they decorate it with flowers. Scattered flowers all over the car body can bring a beautiful touch to it. You can take single flowers and stick them to the car body with some specific distance along with their stems, or you can use blooms without stems too. It all depends on you that how much flowers you want to put on the car and in what areas. You can just place the flowers on the bonnet and roof or can also decorate the doors as well. You can also place a bouquet along with the scattered flowers. It is all your choice.

4.      Curved Shaped Flower Arrangements

Curved shaped flower arrangements can be made on the car bonnet along with its windscreen. You can cover up that curve of the car with a line of flowers along with leaves as well. The ones who love simple but some unique designs can arrange flowers in curve shape on the bonnet and on the roof. You can also cover the whole bonnet with the curved shape of flowers. It all depends on what design attracts you the most. Just be careful not to ruin it up by putting too many flowers along with the curved line.

5.      S-Shaped Flower Arrangements

S shape flower arrangement is one of the most beautiful and unique ones. You can arrange the flowers in S shape on the roof or bonnet of the car. You can use any flowers that can set in an S shape. It can give some extraordinary look to the car. This arrangement can cover all the bonnet as it spreads over a large area. This flower arrangement is a bit complex, but it looks so much lovely once you will be done designing it.

6.      Fan Shaped Flower Arrangements

If you are looking for some classical style of arrangement for your wedding car, then a fan-shaped arrangement is definitely for you. In this arrangement, blooms and leaves are arranged in a fan shape. You can use the same types of flowers with stems and leaves for this arrangement. You can also use different kinds of flowers as well as per your interest in making it variant and attractive.

7.      Horizontal Flower Arrangements

In this arrangement, flowers are arranged in horizontal order in the wedding car. If you are looking for some large arrangement on the car’s bonnet, you can make a horizontal style for that. You can line up the flowers in horizontal order and also can hang the flowers on the front side of the car.

8.      Vertical Flower Arrangements

You can also arrange the flowers in vertical order on the wedding car where you can set the lines in vertical shape on the roof and bonnet of the car.

Last Words

A wedding day is much important in every person’s life. Along with the perfect décor for the wedding venue, there should also be perfection when it comes to the wedding car for the bride and groom. There are many ways to decorate the car with flowers as you can follow different shapes and layout in order to make the car unique and stylish.

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