[2021] Inexpensive Wedding Flower Tips, Budget Friendly Flowers

Not all flowers are generated the same — the cost of blooms can differ due to the season and availability. Having wedding flowers on a budget is about choosing flowers throughout the season, carefully picking the floras, and designing ways to save them.

Build a Budget

Naturally, the first move is to stick to the budget of a wedding flower. A decent guideline is to bring 15% of your marital expenditure into the area of flowers, lights, and decorations.

Opt for wholesale flowers

We advocate shopping in bulk if you need wedding flowers on a budget. You don’t have to offer the price you might expect in a florist when you purchase directly from a wholesale flower business. You may employ a floral planner to plan your wedding flowers or plan them for you.

Select your wedding flowers

You can reduce the expenses of employing a skilled florist or floral planner to prepare the wedding flowers yourself. Alternatively, creative relatives, families, and sisters may be consulted to help organize the flower’s tasks. We usually suggest that your flowers be arranged the day before the wedding.

Find harmony between the wedding flowers.

When it comes to budget-friendly wedding flowers, you have to decide which is relevant for you and plan your floral budget accordingly. If you plan to spend a lot, you can pick up a sizeable bridal bouquet of costly flowers like peonies. Everything is about your spending capacity. Identify three main types of wedding flowers that you want the most, and do not minimize them.

Maintain an open perspective

We all visit Pinterest and save a few great shots of wedding flowers. If you have a few in your wedding board that you would like to swap with a florist, it is all right. It’s essential to keep your mind open and ask a specialist how practical it is to replicate the look when holding in your budget in mind. A floral designer can provide the right ideas or alternatives for your account!

Using local seasonal flowers

Many flowers are in the season at specific times of the year. Identify the peaks and attempt to use them during the occasion. You can also look at flowers available throughout the year. Some of these flowers are greenhouse bulbs, carnations, hydrangeas, and orchids available all year long. Try to avoid Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. These are quite busy times for the floral industry, so you can expect to pay for your flowers more.

Reap the benefits of the Statement Blooms

Statement blooms such as garden roses or hydroponics take up a more significant volume of space, but you may have a feeling that many of these flowers are more expensive. These flowers are also referred to as focus flowers because they are the center of attraction in any wedding party.

Replace costly blooms with cheap wedding flowers

So many stunning budget-friendly blooms are available in the market with various colors and patterns. You can also choose cheap filling flowers that can bring fullness and quality to your arrangements. Flowers like dahlias or spray roses are only a few options that deliver better savings instead of ranunculus.

Buy in bulk from the market or the florist.

You or your flower arrangers have to buy in bulk, which ensures there are many options if you want to get different kinds of flowers. These bonuses may be used in other places, but more market research is required. Flowers must be carefully selected, cared for, and arranged as appropriate. With only one or two focal flowers, you can still make a significant impact or look at our DIY combo packs, which have the right combination of flowers.

Restore the flowers

Here is another champion when it comes to budgeting wedding flowers. The best thing about your flowers and bouquets for the wedding is that they are already set and match the color palette so that you can adjust the arrangements for your reception. Name a guest or two to deliver the roses to the reception desk. This is an excellent way to save additional decor capital. Replace bouquets of bridesmaids as centerpieces or decorate a bar, dinner table, cake table, etc. with them.

Smart addition of a lot of Greenery

You can produce a beautiful bouquet with cleverly decorated cheap Greenery. Greeneries like Eucalyptus, Silver Dollars, Parvifolia are just a few! It is up to you whether you intend to include more Greenery than roses in the bouquet or whether you wish to offer an all-green bouquet. One is the price (obviously), and the other is the Greenery’s durability. You don’t have to think about the green space wilting, regardless of the weather. However, it may also be low priced as you were purchasing flowers, according to Greenery.

Try Flower Vases

While lavish and comprehensive arrangements are lovely, sometimes they have placed in mismatch tiny vases or bud vases. If you’re prepared to have delicate focal flowers, like peonies and garden roses, you should choose flower vase according to them. A peony usually is 3-4 inches wide, so just a few are necessary to make a large effect.

Get rid of corsages and boutonnieres

Another great tip for saving money on wedding flowers is to get rid of corsages and boutonnieres. You can always design them yourself with bulk flowers if you love the idea of button-makers and corsages. However, you still have wholesale flowers to make them.

Combine flowers with other items

Another smart way to save money is to incorporate other decorative items like candles to your inexpensive wedding flowers. Without using a bunch of roses, candles, or other decor items may help fill the table. Moreover, the candles set the tone and mood. Candles and vases are just a few options so you can save on a budget with your centerpieces.


Deciding on a palette of colors can be difficult, especially when so many lovely colors can be selected. Stick to the primary color palette to ease your preference and help save money. Many basic combination packages are available to choose from, which are supplied with a selection of flowers.

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