Stewardship to Life’s Greatest Moments

There are moments in life that call for either a big celebration or a tone downed casual gathering. Once in a lifetime moments such as weddings, graduations, or even the small successes in life like getting your dream job, or getting promoted are all worth to be remembered and commemorated.

What better way to celebrate life’s greatest events than to get flowers, right? Flowers are known to improve one’s memory, so if you are planning to treasure a significant moment then getting a bouquet of fresh blooms will do the trick.


Choose Meaningful Flowers

Different flowers mean different things. There is always a flower to commemorate every moment in a person’s life. The sight or even the fragrance of a flower you received at an unforgettable time can make you feel nostalgic and reminisce about those moments.

Here is a brief list of beautiful flowers that hold deep meanings in them:

  • Edelweiss

Edelweisses are associated with courage and devotion since they thrive in harsh cold conditions. They are famous seasonal flowers found in some regions of Switzerland. Edelweiss has been used plenty of times in Western movies and South Korean dramas.

When courage and devotion are paired together, people think of soldiers. However, being courageous and devoted is not exclusive to men in uniform. It can be someone brave enough to chase their dreams or even someone who is devoted to his job.

So if someone you know went through a lot of difficulties before reaching their dreams, give them a bouquet of edelweiss to commemorate their success.

  • Daisy

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. According to a legend, daisies are the goddess of love’s favorite flowers. As such, the flower became a symbol of motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings.

Childbirth is truly one of the family’s greatest moments. A baby’s innocence and cheery little face can bring sunshine on a cloudy day. Thus, daisies are great flowers to celebrate and remember this monumental moment.

  • Rose

To see a rose in this list is no longer a surprise for anyone. Roses are probably the most romantic flowers on Earth. Roses are the perfect bloom to celebrate your love for your partner. Plus, its beauty and aroma will surely fill the air with romance.

Although beautiful in every hue, red roses are the most common of all colors especially during Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. If you consider the relationship with your partner as one of your greatest moments, commemorate the time he or she said “yes” by giving him or her a bouquet of red roses during your anniversary.

  • Myrtle

If you or someone you know is planning to get married but want an uncommon wedding flower, then myrtles are what you are looking for. This flower is unique and stands for good luck and lasting marriage, which makes it the perfect flower to carry down the aisle.

Myrtles have long been used in wedding bouquets. This flower is famous for being in the bridal bouquet during Royal nuptials. The tradition first started on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding in 1840. Since then, the tradition has been carried on by the other Royals.

  • Daffodils

After years of education, it is finally time to graduate. Graduation is truly one of a person’s greatest and memorable moments. It is the time when years of hard work will finally pay off and you get to walk on stage wearing your cap and toga.

Graduations generally mean it is time to move to a new chapter. Daffodils are perfect flowers to celebrate this occasion since they mean new beginnings. Congratulate a friend, a family member, or even yourself by getting a bouquet of daffodils.


Tips in Choosing Flowers

Getting flowers to celebrate a special moment can be difficult. There are a variety of flower types available that making the right choice is hard to do. Thankfully, flowers have characteristics that help in the interpretation of their meanings.

Here are some tips in choosing what flowers to get:

  • Look for Seasonal Flowers

Seasonality is important when deciding what flowers to get. A flower that is currently in season will enable you to purchase it at a lower price. Not only that, but an in-season flower will be at its best and will surely look astonishing.

  • Choose the Right Colors

Colors are one of the things that can help you in interpreting a flower’s meaning. A flower’s meaning can alter depending on its color – it can go from wishing someone great health to wishing for bad luck.

If you wish to give flowers to your partner, a bouquet of strong, dark-colored blooms is what you are looking for. Love can be intense and deep, dark colors will convey passion, desire, and strong feelings.

For congratulatory flowers, you should opt for bright-colored blooms. Bright colors are known to attract positive energy, which will stir happiness and joy. Giving someone a bouquet of brightly-colored blooms will surely lift their spirits.

  • Timing

Flowers are perishable gift items. Knowing when to buy them is a huge factor in flower-giving. You do not want to give someone a bouquet that is way past its peak, right? A flower in full bloom will elicit all the positive emotions in someone. It is best to purchase them at least a day before the occasion.

There are many valuable things in life. People spend countless days, weeks, months, and years making memories and celebrating moments. The sad thing is, all the fun experiences and achievements do not last forever. People will move on to other things and soon forget.

Some people, however, decide to cement a moment in their minds forever. Some choose to celebrate by going out while some choose to get flowers that coincide with the occasion. Some flowers may be pricey but they are a great way to keep a fleeting memory locked in your minds and hearts forever.

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