What are the Normal Business Hours for Flower Delivery in Singapore?

Flowers are a great way of saying you are thinking about someone. Whether you are thinking about their success, your friendship, or thinking about them in their time of grief, flowers can do a lot to convey your thoughts. Can you send flowers when someone crosses your mind? When news about their promotion or arrival of their newborn baby reaches you, will you be able to send flowers right away?

So, if you what to know what is normal business hours for flower delivery, this article will tell you just that. Whether you’re curious about sending flowers on a whim or at odd hours, we will show you what is possible in the flower delivery world.


Ordering flowers in advance

Ideally, the sender can plan ahead of time and book flower delivery for an expected event such as an anniversary or a birthday. But not all events are planned or expected such as the birth of a baby, a surprise promotion, or the death of a dear loved one. If you can order flowers ahead of time, it will save you money and you can request a special flower arrangement. But if it’s not possible, you will need other options for the flower delivery.


24 to 48 hours delivery

Many florists offer a convenient way for sending flowers for unexpected events as well as those that may have slipped your mind. In most cases, florists required at least 24 to 48 hours to order from their suppliers, create the flower arrangement, and have the bouquet delivered to the recipient’s address.


Normal Business Hours

The normal business hours in the floral industry varies with every florist. Many operate similar to most offices, delivering on weekdays between 8 am to 5 pm or some other variation like 9 am to 6 pm. It is important to find out the regular delivery hours of your chosen florist before proceeding to checkout. If you plan to send the flowers to a workplace, hospital, funeral home, or a residence where the recipient is expecting the delivery, then you will have a wider range of flower delivery options available to you.


After Business Hours Flower Delivery

Keep in mind that there are florists who no longer deliver flower arrangements after office hours or before they open. When their flower shop is closed, so is their flower delivery service. You may have to check with your local florist if they offer flower delivery beyond 5 or 6pm, when most people are most likely to start traveling home. Not all florists offer this service but others may stretch their delivery services up to 7pm while others deliver as late as 10pm. This all depends on the florist or the logistics company the florist uses.


Weekends Delivery

Not all florists offer flower delivery during the weekend. Some deliver on Saturdays, but only operate half the day while others offer flower delivery throughout the weekend. Some may start delivering flowers a little later such as between the hours of 11am to 5pm. This should be an important consideration if you’re planning to have the flowers sent to a residence where the residents are most likely to be at home only on the weekends when they don’t have work.

There are florists who offer an exemption to their no weekend flower delivery rule. They may offer flower deliveries on Sundays for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Beyond that, you may need to find another florist.


Midnight Delivery

Are you one of those people who like greeting birthday celebrants at midnight? If you know the celebrant will be up till midnight waiting for a birthday greeting from friends and loved ones, you can stand out from all the well-wishers by sending a flower delivery their way. There are some florists who offer flower delivery at midnight. Others even offer cake delivery at midnight.


Early Morning Delivery

Not everyone likes staying up all night and this includes your parents, your landlord, or even your special someone. If you plan to surprise a member of the family on your anniversary, birthday, graduation, or any other special day, then you can order flower delivery at early morning. This is a great way to surprise someone and brighten up their day first thing in the morning.


Same-Day Delivery

A great option for those who are busy and have a lot of things on their mind is same-day flower delivery services. This is great for husbands who forget their anniversary is today and want to make sure they have 99 roses ready by tonight. This is also great for surprising a birthday celebrant as their birthday could not be delayed until the next day.


2 to 3 hours Delivery

There are florists who offer express flower delivery as long as the recipient’s address is within close proximity to their location. Keep in mind that you may be limited to flower arrangement options. The flowers you want may not be in-stock so you may have to make do with what is available. Express flower delivery is a great way to have flowers sent to the recipient when you have only little time to stall them.


24 hours flower delivery

For those who want florists at their beck and call, this option is now available. There are florists that open 24 hours a day to offer fresh-cut flowers on-demand. You may order flowers on a whim and have them sent to the recipient in the shortest time possible. So if you suddenly have to send apology flowers in the wee hours, 24-hour flower delivery is a great way to do it.

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