How to Tell if Fruit is Ripe?

How should I pick ripe fruits?

Fruits play an important role in keeping the body healthy. People enjoy eating fresh fruit baskets. Ripe fresh fruits are liked by everyone. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some tips to select ripe fruits.


General tips

  • The color of the fruit is a great indicator of whether it has matured or not. So first check the color. The ripe strawberries look deep red; while oranges look orange, and bananas look yellow.
  • Squeeze the fruits and check their ripeness. Fruits like apples will feel solid whereas, fruits like peaches are not as firm as an apple.
  • Check the stem of fruits. Several fruits like cantaloupes and pears have soft stems when they are ripe.
  • The odors of the ripe fruits are noticeable when you smell them. So you can also smell and check the ripeness of the fruits.
  • Several fruits like cherries and apples have a wax coating on their surface area. So check their luster.


Selected Fruits

  • Watermelon– The fresh and ripe watermelon is what you should buy. A deep red watermelon indicates its ripeness. You should always look for cut deep red watermelon. Plus, it is surrounded by yellow color. If the sides of the watermelon are not yellow then it would be harvested early.


  • Cantaloupe– The odor of ripe cantaloupe is sweet. However, if its sweet smell is strong it means that it is over matured. So if you want ripe cantaloupe, make sure its fragrance is not too strong.


  • Pineapple– Just like cantaloupe, pineapple also smells sweet especially near its stem. The odor should not too strong. Plus, ensure that it does not have any dark spots on it.


  • Banana– The color of ripe bananas is yellow. If you do not intend to eat them in a couple of days, then you can buy green bananas and let them mature at home. However, do not put green bananas in cold storage like a refrigerator because it stops their ripeness.


  • Plums– Squeeze the plums to check whether they are matured or not. The ripe plums are deep in color and they have a little give to them when squeezed. If the plums are a little bit hard you can rip them at home. However, if the plums are too firm then they need more time to ripe.


So these are some of the fruits that we have mentioned to give you a rough idea of how you should pick ripe fruits. Unlike watermelons, other fruits are not available when cut. Therefore, we have listed different ways of selecting ripe fruits even if they are not cut.

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