10 Best Allergen-Free Plants for the Workplace

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gift nature gives the world. Aside from the elegant and graceful structures, various flowers also have heavenly scents and fragrances that attract not only human beings but also animals and insects. On the other hand, despite the attractive colors and charming arrangements, some people avoid flowers because of the allergic reaction. If you are one of those allergic to flowers and pollens, here are the 10 best allergen-free plants that you can have in your workplace:

  1. Orchids

Orchids are known to have sticky pollens that do not cause allergic reactions. The pollens of the Orchids are unlikely to become airborne, which is why it is safe to have Orchids in the office and workplace. Moreover, adding plants of Orchids in the area makes the environment more attractive, especially if you have the flowering plants. They are durable and easy to care with, and they help purify the air inside the workplace.

  1. Succulents

Succulents are the ideal choice when it comes to allergen-free plants. They have less pollen and they are more beneficial to the environment in the workplace. Aside from adding attractiveness and style, succulents also help in the purification of air indoor. OI any room, office spaces, and workplaces, succulents look amazingly pretty and they are easy to maintain and care for.

  1. Snake Plant

Snake plants are allergen-free and can be grown indoors. In fact, according to NASA, snake plants are among the plants that can help purify the air and remove any airborne toxins that are present in the office and workplaces. Maintaining the plant is an easy task, too, and they don’t need too much sunlight to survive. Aside from its benefits, Snake Plants are attractive, too.

  1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is considered as one of the best houseplants, making it an ideal option for office spaces and workplaces. They are free of allergens and they help in the purification of the air in the room, absorbing the carbon monoxide in the air. Peace Lily is a type of plant that does not require too much care and maintenance but it needs bright and direct sunlight. It is a great choice of plant to put near the door or windows not only to get its required light and sunshine but also to provide amazing attractiveness in the area.

  1. Chinese Evergreens

Chinese Evergreens are a favorite choice among plant lovers because they are low maintenance plant and they are free of the allergens that can be harmful to people. These plants need only a low amount of water as well, making it a wonderful plant to keep in the workplace. Any rooms and even comfort rooms in the office or corporate establishments will look pretty nice and cool with these types of indoor plants.

  1. Golden Photos

Golden Photos are a lovely plant to have indoors, especially in the workplace if you have the allergy. This plant is one of the best options for office and home use because of the low maintenance requirement and because of its beautiful structure and color. Similar to succulents and cacti, the plants do not require too much water. The soil should be well dry before watering again.

  1. Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy is among the best plants to have indoors and in the office if you have that allergic reaction to pollens. This is because this type of plant contains low pollen. Taking care of it is never a problem, too, with it’s easy to maintain requirement and its ability to thrive well at any room temperature and lighting system.

  1. Janet Craig Dracaena

Janet Craig Dracaena is another option for allergen-free indoor plants. These plants can be kept indoors, both inside the house and office. It can thrive easily under warm weather and in room temperature but not under frost and cool weather. The best thing about this plant is that it can tolerate low and no care, which means that even if you tend to neglect watering it, its roots and stems will still endure.

  1. Marginata

Marginata is a type of plant that helps purify the air inside the workplace or office area. It is also an allergen-free type of plant to keep for workers who have allergic reactions to flowering plants. Its tricolored leaves add attractiveness in the area, and at the same time, the entire plant brightens up the room, making the space conducive for working and being productive.

  1. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm has no pollen that will cause workers or people any allergic reactions. Its green long leaves are amazingly wonderful in terms of purifying the air. This plant is good at taking out the carbon monoxide and chloroform from the air, making the place or the area suitable for working. Bamboo Palm is also an effective insect repellant, which means that it can help push the pests and insects away. Being easy to maintain and requiring a low amount of sunlight, adding bamboo palm as an office or workplace adornment is a nice move.

Pollens from flowers are one of the factors for allergic reactions. With these choices of allergen-free plants, everyone will enjoy the beauty of nature and the view of nice greenery, and at the same time a clean air and environment. If you are suffering from allergic reactions due to pollens from flowers and plants, you will love these plants in your house and workplaces.